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    I have no urge to watch porn. But today I nearly lost my mind wanted to masturbate. Today is nearly unbearable. I can't think of anything else because I want to get off. How do you get through this urge? I've nearly broken 3 times and I've only been awake for 6 hours. HELP
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    Sounds like a tough day--hang in there man.

    One of the things I've discovered for myself is getting through the moment. I don't have to get through "the day" or "the week" or any other projected time period. Can I get through the moment without doing something I'll regret? Generally the answer is yes.

    Because the cravings are experienced in the moment, if you do something to distract yourself they go away on their own. People work out, take cold showers, go for walks, talk to people here, go hit the panic button, review their pre-made lists of what they want out of their recovery, review their lists of what they've disliked about PMO choices in the past. Basically, they intervene, in one form or another.

    Making an intervention can rob the craving of its power in the moment, and after the moment passes you're fine enough. It may take some diligence, but at the end of the day I'm of the opinion that my life is my own and I get to make my choices. That realization alone has helped me in weaker moments.

    Good luck on your journey. Keep reading, keep posting, keep engaged. You can do it, and if you do you WILL reap the benefits.
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    Couldn't have said it better

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