Its pretty intimidating but do you guys think i should go to my local pornography addicts group?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Nantz, Aug 8, 2018.

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    I have a close friend who is a therapist and deals with pornography addictions on a regular basis and he really recommended to me that i go to a local group that meets for pornography addicts. Its completely free so that's cool. I think that i may decide to go and than completely wimp out.
    I actually think it could be a good idea. I think opening myself up to vulnerability and honesty can go a long way. so what do you guys think. should i go to a local pornography addiction group?
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  2. To be honest, I don't know whether I would if I were confronted with the same situation. However, thinking about it, the pros most likely outweigh the cons on this matter. Like, what's the worst that could happen? Eventually this is a chance for you to "activate" your recovery, meaning that your recovery is put into action and it's been made real. Give it a try at least, there's not much you can lose.
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    First of all I have completely no experience with local addiction groups. But for me I can say, that even the communication in these forums where the biggest and best help I could find. When I know think that there are even local groups with real ppl I think it helps even more.
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  4. I’ve been going to the same Sex Addicts Anonymous group off and on since January. That first meeting was very intimidating. But they are very supportive, non judgmental, and welcoming. It’s not a cure all but simple one tool of many that can be a help.

    One thing to keep in mind. It’s an anonymous group and what is shared in the meeting stays in the meeting. You’re going to hear some pretty heavy stuff that others have gotten themselves into. You have to remember not to be judgmental and keep your opinions to yourself and just listen. I listen and think to myself, “Wow! I could have slipped into what that guy has done. I need to stop before I start getting into worse behavior.” I never state that out loud, I keep it to myself. I listen and learn.

    Another thing to remember is you’re not going to make any friends right away.

    Members are sharing some pretty deep stuff and aren’t necessarily going to be anxious to talk to anyone that’s just heard them share. The people there that are friends have been going for years and trust each other. I’ve been going for over seven months and am just now talking to one of the guys at length after the meetings.

    That aspect of not being able to make friends as fast as I’d like is discouraging but I still keep going to the meetings. There’s info shared that is help. This info comes from others sharing and from the literature readings that are done.

    I sometimes share to get things off my chest and the others will listen without any judgement.

    I say go to a SAA meeting if you can find one. If people there give you a hard time (which I doubt will happen) go find another meeting.
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    Yes! You should.

    Going on these forums is a really good way of handling the addiction, but face to face is even better still. You may not be in the same situation as others there but you would get a lot of insight out of coping methods, and ways of distracting the mind.

    One other reason you should is because every time you tell people about the porn, porn loses some of its power. The very fact it is not hidden - which is what the addiction is, gives it less of that hold over your life.
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  6. Nantz

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    Thanks for the support and advice guys! I really appreciate it.
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    Pretty much. Go for it.

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