It's really hard to keep going with NoFap when there's no girl to motivate you.

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by zxcv, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. JustinX

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    "I dont have anything to offer" ... just that selflessness, caring and honesty you showed in above post is solid base what to offer in relationship most girls actually want
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  2. SyrusDrake

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    I'll just have to take your word for it because so far, no girl seems to have taken interest in those "qualities" ^^'
  3. MeTP

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    I know it's hard thing to be lonely but making your happiness or self-worth dependant of someone will make you uncertain of those things as there is always possibility that this person will leave you. Firstly mind your own business, take care of yourself and self-development. Do your things and the right person will come in the right time ( sometimes after many many years). Firstly you must be comfortable with yourself alone to be comfortable with someone and to make someone be comfortable with you. Head up !
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  4. NextLevelOfLife

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    You went to the effort to join this website, have a desire to improve yourself in every way possible and spent the last 16 days not doing something that 99% of guys will never have enough self control to do and you are telling me that you have nothing to offer?

    Stop, take a breath and shout bullshit! as loud as is sensible to with neibours/parents and stuff, (or not and just say read something about trump)
    Glad we are now on the same page, you have things to offer, you just don't realise because you only see what you do not want,
    you only see that which you wish were different.

    Try meditating, if you can see a counciler / psychiatrist do that, if you can work out, do that.

    Defeat the bull, stop eating its' bull shit

    Im done
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  5. SyrusDrake

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    Uh, excuse me, I have started noFap 108 days ago! The counter in my profile is just to my second goal.
    Also, I have picked up meditation about two months ago and started seeing a psychiatrist last summer.
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  6. NextLevelOfLife

    NextLevelOfLife Fapstronaut

    excuse your self, you just proved your more than you thought
    and have both worth and much to offer the world and your dream girl
  7. xStraightEdgex

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    Be the right person. Find the right person.

    If she's not with you yet. The right person for YOU. Work on yourself first, man. Build yourself up to reach your true potential. There's a time for everything. Maybe this is the point of your life where you need to grow as a person. Maybe this is a significant phase of your life. All these feelings, all these obstacles, are shaping you into this awesome man that you are destined to be. Don't give up soldier. This world is yours to conquer. :)
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