It's time for change (Sissy hypno P addiction)

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    Hello, NoFap community. This is my second time typing it... so hopefully, I include everything... It's fun hitting Ctrl+W and losing an entire post... Anyways.

    This is probably going to be reposted and laughed at on so many hypno P and 'sissy' subreddits, and 'chance' as the other NoFap articles have.

    This is my story. I'll try to keep it concise.

    So. Hypno P, it's a strange fetish, that involves complete mental domination, much like BDSM, but far more 'controlling'. There are multiple parts to it, the sub and dom, and the person just watching it. People who watch it are usually unaffected as they're watching actors who are 'controlled' by other actors to do sexual things. This is 'fun' for some people, but it's completely OK.

    The only issue is when you get into the Sub/Dom part of it. Being a sub to this fetish is really easy, that starts off lightly but gets worse and worse the longer you're addicted to it. Because a lot of the community and 'strong' videos and audio files are paywalled, the creators want to employ as many controlling hypnosis techniques as possible to create an addiction. They link the addiction to this genre with sexual happiness and excitement, and sometimes O. There are 2 subsections to this: Audio and Video. Audio files are to me a lot more effective at controlling people and can go in many different ways. Vidoe files are just as bad, but are more enticing to me and suck me in more with flashy images and enticing women. The idea is to get you addicted, which bring you back for more. There are multiple subcategories in this fetish: HFO (Hands-free O), controlling ones where you become someone else or develop another personality altogether (because a personality disorder is sexually arousing) and some that involve just a 'horny bliss'.

    I personally got sucked into this because of a (you're going to laugh) episode of Kim Possible I saw as a young kid that implanted the idea of controlling women, or mentally dominating them is 'sexy'. Kim gets a 'Neuro-compliance chip' implanted in her head that basically makes her do anything the bad guy wants. Obviously, me as a kid took nothing of it, but later on in life I was sucked into this thing called Hypno P. It all started on YouTube where there's a bunch of different misteresses/masters that will 'put you into a trance', install triggers and then either awaken you or let you O. It's innocent enough, sure. Then it expands to other sites, like Dailymotion for me, where rules either aren't as strict or aren't enforced that much... But there's a ton of videos of girls being 'hypnotised' and 'controlled' either to do sexual acts or not. They're actors and it's OK, it's entertainment after all, sure. Then it expands to sites like PH and onwards into the real bad, controlling and addictive stuff.

    Because the world of hypno P is very underground and so many addictive videos are 'first one free, pay for more', there's a few communities that will share things either by using 'private videos' and sharing them (you friend them and share your collection to see theirs), and more 'alternate' ways of sharing, using things like temporary file hosting services, and even venturing into the dark web, and sharing things there. It's easy enough to follow the countless step-by-step tutorials on it. I'm a tech-savvy guy, so this wasn't exactly difficult for me to do. Accessing 'paid' files is far worse than 'free' ones, as the creators have to bring you back for more to earn more money. They make you want to create an addiction... This is the route I went... and want to get out of.

    There are things like Bambi Sleep that other NoFap users have talked about, just to be ridiculed and made fun of on the many 'chan' sites and forums that exist. This will undoubtedly end up there as well... So hi...People there are either already into this stuff, or looking to get into it. I've joined Discords and things alike where I see a bunch of mindless people who think they have control when they really don't. They appear level-minded, but when you look deeper you can see how this stuff is controlling them and turning them into things that they're not. I've seen sceptics say that they're scared of trying, just to be told 'yeah it's fine, just go into it thinking that it'll do nothing and there's nothing to be afraid of, and see what happens. It will be fun'.

    I'm into it for the release from reality. I'm fine with losing control completely and 'floating on clouds' or having some brainless nympho alternate personality in my head for the time I'm PMOing. But after it ends, I realise it's just a fantasy and get over it. The problem is that I keep coming back, daily. I have no control over when I come back to PMO over and over again. I don't think that I'm susceptible to hypnosis, but so do a lot of other people, and they get controlled more than me... I've been a crafty guy with a close family so I couldn't go out to buy 'toys'... so I made my own. A dildo and a buttplug, the likes of which I used for a month or so until I disgusted myself out of using them and threw them away. I've tasted myself and hated every second of it, using a 'self-facial' technique where you have no choice but to 'taste yourself'. Sure... you can look at that as OK if you're a bi-sexual person or into that kind of things... The thing is, is that I'm not at all into it. I'm a biological male who is biologically into females. There's nothing I can do about it and nothing that I want to do about it. These effed up videos and audios have messed with my mind to make me find trannies, 'chicks with dicks' and other things sexually arousing, and I've been 'having fun' with hypnosis and those kinds of things for a long time. A process many call 'sissification'.

    I've been in a relationship before, with a girl... Whom I didn't take any action to forward the relationship with as I was completely controlled by this sissy hypnosis stuff... I found my pleasure there and lost her because of it. A few years later I got into a relationship with a girl who was a bit of a nympho. Nothing bad towards her, but it was just her way. Whenever we'd have sex, I'd find that I couldn't finish until I M. I didn't have the things that a lot of other hypno P addicts have where they lose their erection completely, luckily... It didn't last due to multiple incompatibilities, not related to P at all.

    I feel great during PM, and it gives my mind a complete break from reality like an actual drug, but as soon as I O real life comes flooding back filling me with depression and self-disgust. Every time I look at myself in the mirror, I'm not as disgusted by my physical appearance and my acne as I am disgusted of my sick, twisted and abused mind. Sick of what I've brought upon myself... Just to end up thinking about how 'exciting' the last time was... and to relapse...

    Today was the last time that happened. I promised myself I'd stop PMO when I make NoFap's forum post, but after days, my account creation application hasn't had a response, so I'm taking action and I'm going to post my story here... This post has been all over the place, as I'm still on the O 'high'. I feel like I might have missed a lot...

    This is Day 0, hour 3. Being someone who's been sucked into this for the past 4+ years, I know everything and anything there is to do with this topic, and I'm more than open to discussion... Going through this addiction I'd argue is worse than most drugs... and I believe that when I'm out of it, I won't have just the 'normal' NoFap profit.... but also a better self-control ability and an understanding of myself... I just hope I can get there...

    To those wanting to start a hypno sissy or hypno P addiction, avoid it. Take this as your warning. To those looking to pull themselves out of the ever deepening and steepening rabbit hole, take this as your call. This is something we can overcome, no matter how slippery the walls are to grab onto. You don't have to fall forever.

    AMA, I'm open.
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    Hi, just wanted to wish you all the strength you need to get out of this addiction and find the integrity and the love for your true self.

    Im here to fight the same thing and I will never surrender.

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