I've come to a really important realisation

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Thechosenone, Nov 28, 2014.

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    Hey guys I just want to share something and get things off my chest. I realise the way I'm feeling now is due to:
    Me looking for escape behaviours constantly -creating anxiety because this isn't being fulfilled
    I'm super urgent all the time in my actions, I can't rest.
    I zone out when I hear loud sound or there's movement.
    I'm not doing things mindfully,
    This is very worrying because every other moment I forget these things and they're the key to my recovery.
    Old escape and resting behaviours have gone.
    I feel 100% on auto pilot
    Even looking around, so much as a movement of my head makes me forget
    I have to try so hard to retain anything from daily activities.
    When I do something I focus I. The should of the outcome, I take my brain up a gear that is not even mindful

    I feel gone, but I KNOW mindfulness is the solution, as it's got me to typing this.

    It's hard to come back when you fully gave up before...I just pray that I can maintain some degree of awareness throughout the day it would mean the world.

    I've been abstinent for 6 months this year, it's really helping!

    This is my brain fog lifting

    I wish you readers the greatest successes, thank you
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    Wish you success too! Thanks!

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