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  1. To cut a long story short.... I have been off the porn for 20 months now. It has been an incredible journey of self discovery. When I signed up here I was watching porn on a daily basis and MO 2-3 sometimes 4 times a day. I got myself clean, into a new relationship (which has now ended). I'm still off the porn and have the occasional healthy MO. It feels i have my desires under control now. I no longer mask my problems. As a direct result of cleaning my life up it has led me down a very painful but eye opening road and the path to how I should be living my life.

    I've been in therapy since November to help me improve my life and through that I have found out and have been diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am 47 years old. Struggled all my life with people, communications, relationships and In the big scheme of things I can see now how i used PMO for 32 years to self-medicate away my autisic problems.

    I'm now closing this chapter of my life and I want to live as peaceful, honourable and positive as I can with the lifelong issues that I have.

    I'm clean, I'm autistic and I'm proud to be amongst brothers and sisters who want to better their own life.

    I hope you find inspiration in my story. My longest streak was 299 Days.

    Peace..... Britax
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    this sounds amazing mate. i´m glad that you made it, even if you had to suffer!!
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    Make your MO sessions more short, and intense. The shorter, and more intense, the less "down time" you'll spend. For some reason when I used to hold out the MO's session past like 10 minutes or so, I felt like death when I O'ed. But one time I did it very short, and I felt not bad afterwards, a little sleepy, but not as bad as the extended. MO makes me feel like shit either way, I found out total no PMO is the way to go.
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    You've been an awesome mentor. Don't worry, people after you will realise they need to represent something valuable for future generations. History repeats itself.
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    That's amazing Britaxe, glad you went on this journey and found yourself down the path. I myself have found one of the root causes of my social inadaptation leading to anxiety and ultimately all sorts of addictions, and it is something similar to the ASD in its effects on how we interact with people and be to the world. I'm glad this realisation made you get closer to yourself :) Peace

    (You say you've been off P for 20 months but your highest streak was 299 days, was that counting P, M and O?)
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  6. Welcome back @britaxe , we are here to help you, as always.
    Reboot opens paths in our lives we never suspected, right?
    You have realized at 47 that you has autism, I remembered after 8 month clean that I was sexually molested when I was a kid. It seems that PMO hides a lot of things we do not want to confront!
    Now we face the naked truth )no pun intended), it sucks, but IT IS REAL, not a shitty fantasy as PMo is
    Stay strong
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    It's really encouraging to see some people pulling it through. It makes me even more motivated to continue on this journey. Keep up the good work.
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  8. GREAT! Thanks for inspiration.
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    You are an absolute warrior !!!! You have fought PMO to a place where you can be the real version of yourself and are still moving forward…

    Your post real hits home for me and makes me want to keep fighting… I was having a tough day up until now but no longer

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you find all the peace and happiness you deserve …
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    Very inspiring story. Thanks for sharing your journey.
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    That is great work; well done. Hope you can push and establish a happy life free of addiction in any form. Free of emotional pain.
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    Good stuff bruh, the 20 month mark sure must feel good. :emoji_ok_hand:

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