I've finally become the man I want to be. PIED success

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ironmaing, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. ironmaing

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    I've been dreaming of the day I would post on this Forum. Wondering whether I would and how long it would take. I have had some good days but also some very dark days. Nofap.com has given me a second chance in life and I will be forever grateful to our brothers and sisters on this site that have supported me all the way.

    Its been almost 3 months without P and tonight, for the first time after several unsuccessful attempts these past few months, I managed to have sex. I got a semi while kissing and as she stroke me I got to 100%. She said she wanted me inside her, so I calmly put on a condom, still at 100%, calmly took her to the bedroom (we were in my kitchen :) ) went to 90%, then a few more strokes I was at 100%. She was unsure what position she wanted, but I kept at 100%. All throughout, maybe 20mins, I was fffffffff 100%. When I was ready, I stepped up the tempo to O.

    I feel better than I've felt in all my life. Its the best feeling ever. I don't expect to be out of the woods just yet as apparently its a non-linear process, but I did it!

    Quick tips for my brothers and sisters out there still struggling:
    - Demonise P. It is literally the source of so many of your problems in life. Its a cancer that has infected your life and causing you unmeasurable amounts of pain, so stop watching that shit.
    - Get yourself hobbies to fill in the time that you're not PMOing.
    - Don't touch your cock sexually at all if possible. I did MO a few times, mainly when I was with a girl.
    - Rewiring appears to have done it for me. I spent the last week on dates with some women from Tinder. Met another one tonight. I have got all of them into bed on the first night (buyeah!), and I told all of them about my PIED. Every single one of them didn't care and wants to see me again. In fact, the girl from tonight was our second date. She listened to a Podcast about Porn effects and was so understanding.
    - Read read read all about nofap and be open about it. Its liberating to stop hiding this addiction. People are so much more understanding than you think.
    - Clean your diet up. We suffer from overstimulation, so give your Dopamine receptors a rest. No caffeine, no alcohol, no sugary shit. In fact, recently I've been doing Keto.

    Much love to all of you. I hope I can continue to improve and continue to have sex!! Message me if you want any more tips.

    P.S. Apart from sex, I also got confidence boost, warm extremities, bigger flaccid cock, more sensitive, arousal without touch and more attraction from women

    P.S.S. I have spent so much money on therapy, doctors, tests, pills, injections, etc. All I fffff needed was nofap!
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    Wow man that is inspiring! I’m almost up to day 20 myself (no p or m) and I’m hoping to get the same results! I too invested too much money on pills and other things that I’m not proud of, this is a huge morale boost for me!
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    I'm so happy to hear the process works! I really want to be there too. Hearing your story helps me to continue on.
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    Mate what a post! I am nearly at 7 weeks and I am already experiencing sex again after years of not being able to maintain or even get a proper erection. It's like I'm having sex again for the first time and I know what you mean about feeling the best you have ever felt. I have spent so long in fear of having sex because of the shame that it made me feel when I failed but now I'm embracing every bit of it! Well done man it's so good reading these success stories and I'm looking forward to more improvements also. Thanks for sharing man!
  5. ironmaing

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    Thank you everyone for the support. Its hard to pinpoint what has been the factors that let to me having sex yesterday. I was in full control with 100% erection, no issues whatsoever...I even get emotional writing this as I haven't had that for so long.

    Obviously no P is the key. I think no PMO for at least 45 days is important too. The dopamine receptors need a rest to recover after such strong stimulation.

    I feel sick at the thought of watching porn. I also avoid looking at sexy ads or anything that could trigger arousal. I literally just block it with my hand and think of something else.

    What also helped me when having sexual thoughts was to count down from 5 imagining the numbers as huge clouds infront of you coming towards you. The idea is that you occupy as much of your brain capacity as possible to stop the sexual thought materialising.
  6. Varg

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    Congratulations, good job !!!
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  7. ironmaing

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    I think it may be useful to quickly detail the progress I had (****note that progress varies depending on your situation as everyone is different****):

    - Within the first 15 days, I got a massive boost in libido. I was checking out women like never before.
    - After that it went down and didn't feel much libido at all, probably flatlining although I was still interested in women. Penis was completely lifeless.
    - After about 30 days, my flaccid penis grew bigger. It stopped the shrivelled state. I suffered less from cold extremeties (especially hands). Brain fog went away and was less jittery.
    - After about 45 days, I noticed solidified sperm in my pee. I felt like I was about to nut all the time. I ended up MOing with very gentle touches, got to about 90% erect which was a big boost in belief that what I was doing was good.
    - Between 45 days and 75 days, I noticed sensitivity was always increasing. I left like rumbling in the genitles when flirting with women but no semi or anything. I never once had an erection out or morning wood, or anything close to it.
    - 75 days to 83 days, I decided to rewire with real women. I went on dates every night, getting close to women and admitting I had PIED (all of them were supportive). I got semis with them, the MOed me which was fun.
    - Day 83...I go on a date and make out with a girl I had seen last week. I wasn't feeling anything just by kissing but she starting touching me and started getting aroused. Went back to mine and with kissing and touching I got semi. Then she started stroking my penis and I got to 100%. Put on condom, walked to bedroom, chilled out a bit before sex and kept hovering between 90% and 100%. During sex stayed erect the entire time, even if had several distractions. I was in complete control and no impulses of nutting. After like 20mins (guestimate) once she had O, I decided to nut. I felt energised and happy. After like 10mins, I felt ready for round 2 but she had to leave.

    Day 84, I feel the best I have felt in as long as I can remember. I feel like a real man and filled with confidence and happiness. I have smiled uncontrollably all day. I have been given a second chance in life and I intend on taking it! Thank you nofap and everyone. Can't express how much this has meant to me. Use nofap to not just fix your PIED, which will come, but to fix other areas of your life to become the best version of yourself!
  8. countdown

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    Keep up the good work, bro! I suffer(ed) also of PIED and I am overcoming it. I did the Nofap "soft mode", because I am married (and - COMPLICATED - have also a girlfriend), so, since the very beginning I am having sex in a regular basis, like 3/4 times per week. Experienced very difficult times but feel each day I am improving.

    I was lucky to have this feeling you mentioned more or less after just one month of porn. Of course sometimes I still struggle with some anxiety and PIED to some extent. But, as I said, things are getting better!

    And it is great to feel that we have sexual power and that we can give our girl a great time, great orgasms and satisfaction.

    A big hug!
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  9. ironmaing

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    Wife and gf...sounds tiring. I've done that and its emotionally draining.

    I'm not just the only one enjoying benefits, my gf is expressing how much she is enjoying time with me. We are kissing all the time and flirting. I feel like my penis is alive for the first time in forever.

    Yesterday I had a 100% boner with her, though she was so exhausted (long story) that we couldn't do anything. I had a bit of anxiety specially as things are still rocky with her. She's away for a week though which gives us a break from each other. She's given me the green light to keep rewiring with other birds, which I intend to do starting again tonight with a girl I saw last week. We didn't have sex 'cause we didn't have a condom', but in fact I couldn't get hard. Tonight I hope to rock her world! She knows about my PIED, so feel no pressure.

    I have a second chance in life with getting boners. Just need to continue rewiring and eventually phase out the use of ED pills, which are helping with the confidence boost for now.

    You should try non-ejaculatory orgasms or not O for 2 weeks to give your dopamine receptors a much needed rest. You can speak to the ladies in your life to agree on that. That'll speed up your recovery. Also remember to see Porn as the root of your problems. The thought of watching porn makes me feel physically sick, I'll never watch it again. I even cover my eyes when I see sexy pics or videos by mistake.
  10. You believe in romance?
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  11. ironmaing

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    Yes. Romance is great, but also thriving on sexual instinct is great too. Nowadays things are more complex than ever, you need to do what you enjoy so a mix of both works. One needs to be care ful with romance as you could give off beta signals if you overdo it. I've been guilty of that. Romance for me has to be accompanied by raw lust to be a true alpha
  12. ironmaing

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    Another thing to work on. Women like and deserve to be treated well and respect so that they feel special. Romance is the best way to do it.

    If I were you I'd research ways to be more romantic with your partner.
  13. I cant.I have accepted it.The only thing I have in life is my respect.

  14. Very inspiring brother appreciate the post
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  15. countdown

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    Yeah, man, it is somehow draining, I have to handle this the best way. Let's hope for the best!

    And you seem to be doing great, congrats! And thank you for the tips. It would be very good to abstain from orgasm for a time, but I don't know how to approach this situation. But to have sex without O wouldn't be a different way of "edging"? I don't know.

    I just didn't understand about your relationship: is it open? You said you have a girlfriend but is also rewiring with others. How does that work exactly?

    A big hug!
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  16. ironmaing

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    Edging is when you're about to orgasms you stop yourself. With sex without O, you remain in control, you keep a slow tempo and enjoy yourself. Then slow it down until you can both relax and cuddle together.

    You need to be open with your ladies (separately of course), that you need a bit of time of abstinence and if they'd be willing to help you do it together.

    Well, my girlfriend has only been with 3 dudes her entire life. Me, this asshole and this one night stand she said was awful. She feels like she needs to experience a bit before settling down. I've been with some 30 women, I haven't counted but I haven't really held back. She feels frustrated from trying to rewire together as I couldn't get hard until a few days ago. So she said, go rewire with other women and lets give this relationship a proper shot when you're better. In the meantime, she may also sleep around a bit. Its a hard pill to swallow as I love her so much, but it is unfair that I've been with x10 more people than she has.

    After all, she sees it as just sex and I'm starting to as well...but 3 nights in a row I've managed to get 100% erections. It feel great. Last night had sex 2 times, 1st I O like a boss and 2nd I didn't. Don't want to overdo it with the dopamine rush.

    Whats interesting is that with nofap, the amount of cum I produce is ridiculous. I sprayed her like crazy (she asked for it). She was in shock how much there was...

    Anyway, don't PM. O sparingly and at some point you should choose one of these girls. Living a life of lies and deception is not worth it. Eventually you'll get caught and it'll hurt them way too much.
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    NoFap Defender

    wow bro, congrats
  18. I’m so groovy

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    Read ur post! Just wanted to ask how many days Nofap are you on right now??$

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