I've fount a way that actually WORKS! (for me at least) Who wants to be my accountability partner?

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by AxinteAndrei, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Archj04

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    I would like to participate, Im looking for an accountability partner who i can communicate with weekly through the site or email and who i can setup to recieve reports on my accountable2you app. Im willing to be a ap. Let me know if interested.
  2. B12rent

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    I set up my account with Accountable2you as well. I got a couple people watching but could use a few more as well if anyone wants to keep me in check, I will do the same for you.
  3. AxinteAndrei

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    My dudes, I hope everything it's working great!
    Also I hope you can establish private conversations between yourselves to add new AP's.

    Just want to say that this really works for me and I'm very glad that I did it! In fact I'm thankful to the heavens that I did it! This is the best decision since this it gives energy for every other thing in life.

    I just was in a tai chi camp where we did lots of stuff, including meditation, climbing the mountains, tai chi (of course) on the top of mountains, danced like crazy maniacs on usual disco non-spiritual music, it was quite awesome. Also I've met a girl there and gladly I had lots of energy and charm thanks to nofap. Had I've been on PMO, surely I would have been a lethargic bitch with no confidence and social anxiety. I know myself.

    Well, guess what!? NO SOCIAL ANXIETY, lots of energy and dynamism, huge boost of confidence. And I'm still far from reaching 90 days. There are no days, this is bullshit! There is only a new style of living your life.

    I encourage you all, find activities far away from the internet. It will make a massive difference. Doing tai chi/yoga/meditation helps a lot with your general level of energy and takes you from PMO state of mind to a "living a beautiful live" state of living.

    Best of wishes to you all!

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