I've gay thoughts right now and I need your help

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Casey_Kay, Jan 23, 2020.

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    Same here. BDSM is my fetish regardless of gender.

    I hypothesized that this is causing some emotions to spike up in my head.

    Ever heard of power play? There is enjoyment in pleasure out of power or dominance.
    Not an expert opinion though.
  2. @Cloudstephen . It's not to do with power or dominance. It's to do with how porn is a superstimulus, and affects your ability to enjoy natural sex. Stop using porn, take therapy, and the fetish will diminish.
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    i used to have HOCD when using porn A LOT. and i was doing it 8-10 x a day back then. honestly porn use is the most overlooked psychological disorder in the world. if someone educated me when i was young on the dangers of compulsive porn use i would have tried to quit. its good that you have this community now to help you quit. the problem isn't porn itself its that its an easy release of dopamine and is probably the most addicting thing in the world. when you become addicted your gonna start getting severe side effects that limit your real world interactions. trust this from someone who was severely addicted for 20 YEARS. porn use is just as bad heroin, no you won't die but you'll be dependent on it and your life will die. it makes me so sad when i see articles describing how healthy masturbation is, maybe to thoughts but we all know that people use porn when they masturbate. nothing is healthy about watching two people who have no sexual chemistry have sex. in my life, 3 of my favorite porn stars killed themselves. one of them looks like garbage now and most are not even known in a year or two.

    stop this disgusting habit, you can do the same things to girls in real life with consent. its much better, and much more of a fulfilling experience.
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