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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Imbackbetterandstronger, Apr 25, 2015.

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    Guys I'm on day 130 but i realised that you can't let your sobriety date get to your head every day is day 1 that's how you stay on top.

    One thing I've realised is that obviously when guys look at porn they get aroused and act out but what I realised is that once your done beating off you think to yourself that felt so crap , like you think to yourself that it is going to feel so amazing but it feels really crap. And the porn industry try to make it out that beating off to their pornstars is amazing but I realised their just caked with make up and it's all a load of bullshit. You will never feel satisfied .

    Also when I was beating off I realised I was losing my hair this is because when you ejacualte testosterone converts to DHT which causes hair loss but then I started taking propecia and stopped masturbation and now I feel good. I feel on top of the world.

    I realised porn is a load of bullshit it's not real!!! And masturbation feels so shit

    Don't be tempted guys , be strong be warriors never give in this is a all out war. I'm on day 130 but each day is a new day I want to become the best me . I don't want to be hobbling around thinking where's the next best porn film because it's a curiosity that's never satusified so what's the point

    Me I'm all about gym, religion , no PMO. It's all a load of bullshit anyway.

    And guys you will have days where your brain thinks your lonely because your not looking at porn but realise that's you becoming at one with yourself so embrace your loneliness.

    NoFap for life, never give up , never give in!!!!
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  2. Imbackbetterandstronger

    Imbackbetterandstronger Fapstronaut

    Today I had a epiphany I realised how Amazing I can become without nofap.

    I could become the best me and the ultimate me .

    That thought keeps me motivating

    By not fapping skin becomes clearer, the light returns to my face, pack on muscle, feel more confident , feel unstoppable

    The superpowers are endless

    I ain't ever going back , porn is bullshit and fake it's all digitalised and airbrushed , women don't look like that in real life. In real life women want a man who is happy with her imperfections

    I'm going for the ultimate me now , there's no stopping me now!!!
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    That's the spirit! When I think about the times I masturbated and that feeling of uselessness and being pathetic, it actually makes me shiver and cringe a little. It actually keeps me awake and focused on avoiding this filthy habit. It simply is not worth it anymore. Not only that your brain is affected, but your entire life gets turned upside down and it simply isn't okay. I remember laughing at someone who told me years ago that he was masturbating even 7 times per day. I laughed and thought of how stupid can you be. I masturbated 4 times in a day the most and now I look back at myself and it reminds me that I shouldn't laugh at other people's vices. This addiction is as serious as possible and it affects all of us. It's a condition that's almost as powerful as a disease. I'm stopping for good and I'll build my confidence on a daily basis to keep myself stable.

    Congratulations on your 130th day with nofap - I admire and a little envying you, but I bow in front of your resistance. Someday I'll be there as well. I can do this. We can all do this. Fuck porn.
  4. Imbackbetterandstronger

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    This battle can only be won through men helping each other.

    I admire your strength and my 130 days mark isn't something that should be looked at in awe.

    I see everyday as being day one

    I just look at all the benefits of not doing it and all the consequences of doing it .

    I find If I do it I literally ruin myself but by not fapping I feel awesome!!!

    Like there's no better feeling and then when I go gym and do things I enjoy I feel more confident which reinforces me not wanting to do it

    Stay strong in this battle brother

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