Ive quit before but am crashing down now...

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    Okay so am 18 years old, in Israel, and Ive started to fap to P again... Ive been to doing nofap before and Ive succeeded the three month thing, though am crashing back down on P. I believe that I am addicted to P and fantasizing (since Ming to nothing, even without fantasy, doesnt do anything for me) and I want to stay away from that crap, M and O arent allowed as well from what I understand since they trigger me to go back watching to porn and even gives that high dopamine stuff...
    I hate that every time a fap to P or fantasization I would feel swoozy or faded or foggy in my head and I dont want to get numb if I keep going, I also dont wanna ruin the image on girls as if theyre only sexy creature or anything like that.
    Sex isnt available around me rn since I dont have a partner or thinking of having a partner, I need to focus on myself first to abstain from my addiction, basically am just pointing out that am single. Though having a partner is on the very least thing on my list rn.
    I believe that I can quit that crap (PMO) since Ive done it before, though its hard right now to get back up, still, its not impossible.
    You guys have any tips and tricks to abstain from PMO? accomplish my 3 month thing? (I mean am gonna keep going after 3 months, since I want all the benefits)
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    Take steps to block all triggers and start some new hobbies that are out of your comfort zone. If you know when you are likely to relapse take steps to make sure you don’t get into those situations.
    Soon you will forget triggering images and be disgusted at porn and will become a happier, healthier man. It isnt east but stick with it
    Good luck !
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