I've reached the stage thoughts alone can really turn me on?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by skaterdrew, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. skaterdrew

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    Basically I have reached the stage where even just thinking about a woman and masturbating extremely turns me on. I am getting a solid erection from this, and great pleasure from it.

    At one time I needed porn to be turned on and to get and maintain an erection. But like I said recently even just the thought of a woman is really doing it for me.

    But what worries me is if that causes me to IMO more often. Because earlier I IMOed and really enjoyed it. Then tonight I have been bored, I rubbed my self and thought of this female and my dick went hard, and then I thought maybe I should just masturbate again.

    I just seem to find it so easy and enjoyable to masturbate just using my imagination now. But I don't want this to develop in to a problem in it's self?

    By the way my main goal when I started this journey was curing PIED, and giving up porn and artificial sexual stimulation. My goal wasn't completely giving up masturbation. The way I see it is if I can get and maintain an erection for sexual intercourse, then I am happy with that.
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    Draw yourself some lines. Vow to never go back to porn. Masturbation, depending on your issues and history, can be a healthy thing. Look at this as a marvelous thing to have progressed to this point. Good job man!
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    I don't find MO to be a problem in and of itself. A PMO session can last well over an hour or two, flooding the brain with dopamine, whereas plain MO is generally what... a few minutes I suppose. The difference is a couple orders of magnitude, so I don't sweat it.
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  4. I suggest you spend some time exploring you personality and then define what your goal is. It's a bad idea to get attached to some theoretical goal like "curing PIED", what does that even mean?
    You should strive to have fulfilling life, across all its facets including sexuality and if you are honest with yourself, you will know what is right and what is wrong for you.
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  5. skaterdrew

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    I guess my main goal when I started this was curing PIED. Now my goal is more living a life without porn and artificial sexual stimulation. But I realise I am only human, and ending up on these things is very possible. But if my frequency on these things is very low then I believe it's unlikely to cause me much harm. But I will always have the mindset to stay away from these things.

    But I don't want to masturbate for fun either, doing it when I am bored, stressed, or just for the sake of it. Because like I said, masturbation using my imagination seems to be very easy and very enjoyable these days. I just worry that turns in to a habit in of it's self. Plus I think that sort of habit could potentially lead me back to porn. It could potentially get to the stage I would be looking for something more enjoyable to masturbate to.
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  6. If one must masturbate I think a bit of self-denial is useful. In other words, daily is probably not a good idea. Let it go a week or so, if possible. While hardly a macho guy, I have felt more masculine since reducing porn and masturbation. I agree that too much masturbation has the potential to tempt a guy to return to porn.
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  7. skaterdrew

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    Yeah I agree. I think the thoughts can become more kinky, and then more like porn like thoughts, and then I think this could potentially lead a guy back to porn.

    It is actually true. Because the other day the least little thing turned me on. But then yesterday when I was masturbating I was thinking about slightly more kinkier stuff.

    I think if you rarely masturbate it will remain the normal way, and what I mean by that is you will be turned on by the least little thing.
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