I've Reset Once Again - An Instagram Addiction

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by AClearLife, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. AClearLife

    AClearLife Fapstronaut

    Welp, here I am. This time was from Instagram.
    Not going to pummel myself this time nor allow any guilt. I'll have to deal with my foggy mind.

    The worst thing about fapping for me is continually being unfocused. I just want my old clean and sharp mind and wit back. Its cant be this hard. I just need support to follow through.

    My only action is to move forward. For some reason I keep going back and forh deleting both Instagram and Facebook and then re-downloading them on my phone. It won't work that way anymore so I believe telling the NoFap community about this instead of just logging in my journal makes it more official for myself. I can't do social networking at the moment as it has become a HUGE trigger.

    As for staying occupied, I've been waking up extra early for the gym or a morning jog everyday and will continue this habit. But it seems that it is crucial to have a list of immediate activities once an urge comes along.

    I must know, from anyone, how NOT to fight the urges but instead recognize my thoughts and allowing them to pass through me. My addiction really is not that extreme as it was when I was PMOing almost 3-5 times a day. In recent months it has only been about ONCE every 4-7 days. I've not been able to make it very far and I simply need some solid advice. I've read the article on newcomers and those who ultimately reset and everything, but I feel like there is just something wrong. Am I not completely understanding?

    I take Cold Showers all the time now and they do help. I guess I need to make it to NoFap every morning and every night to follow through. Seems like Porn is everywhere we look.

    Must escape to a clean, new, and satisfying life ! Practicing Learned Optimism as I write

  2. hkiwi_

    hkiwi_ New Fapstronaut

    You're not alone in this brother, with all the subtle porn thrown at us from every angle, following through can be, you know, a Herculean task..

    My best success streaks are when I get extremely fed up and pissed off at my lack of control / focus. I'm also trying to clearly define a mental image of how the best version of me looks like, and looking at other people having sex while PMOing in front of a computer screen seems extremely sad and embarrassing and does not fit into this best-version-of-me image at all!

    As you can tell from my signature, it's still a work in progress so I'm also interested in the responses of those with better success at this.

  3. AClearLife

    AClearLife Fapstronaut

    What you said is truly a few sentences to live by. I believe we could both agree that PMOing doesn't fit into the dreams of ANYONE on NoFap. I'm learning everyday how 'The Pornography Addiction' is truly becoming an epidemic of our time. It could very well be true that in both our futures we will look back and think, "Wow, remember pornography and how much it put a dent in our lives?". I mean its crazy.

    I try to remind myself as much as I can that I could be doing SOOO much more with my life. In another reality I may have already directed my first Feature Film ! But instead I've been caught up in addictive activities. I'm 4 1/2 weeks clean from Smoking, so I figure that soon I will the brain cells to capture yet another addiction: Pornography. I don't mean to make you or anyone else feel so low, but if you think about it, the idea of watching hundreds of lucrative photos and videos of sexual material is just insane. But when it the point arrives that it becomes just ordinary people, that you may unkowningly even see strolling on the street the next day and may even strike a relationship with, is simply disturbing. I mean, what level have we come to as a species? I'm drawing things out, but you know what I mean?

    I'm so done. I mean I just need to pull all the stops. Meditation, Excersise, Socialization, Therapy, Adult Children of Alcholics Meetings, Reading, Learning, Journaling. But the paradoxical thing that seems to be brought up by many is that OH, you should not be fighting and instead understanding how to deal with it. Which is very true. But then you start piling all the above mentioned things and then you become stressed.

    I suppose its all about balance and moderation.

    Good Luck to you hkiwi_
  4. snowflake123

    snowflake123 Fapstronaut

    Bro I have the same problem! Social media such as twitter and Instagram a huge triggers for me! So what I found best is I took my iPhone and deleted all the apps that could access the internet as well as Facebook,twitter, Instagram, vine and so on! Then I went to the restriction settings and turned off my internet as well as the ability to download new apps! Then I had my sister unknowingly type a four number restriction passcode in (I obviously didn't watch her type in the code so I had no clue what it was) then I had her write that passcode on a piece of paper. Next I told her to hide it from me so only she knew where to find it if I ever truly needed those apps back! So it basically made my smart phone into a regular old telephone but it was so worth it because I was constantly going back and looking at porn on my social media apps but now I have no way of doing that! And I'm sure if You have a phone other than an iPhone You can do something similar! But it's up to You. I know that's what helped me! Good luck bro!
  5. AClearLife

    AClearLife Fapstronaut

    I'm realizing that i've got to target the root of my problem. What I've been doing is simply trimming the leaves. This addiction is just a big weed stemming from the nutrients of the actual problem I end up pouring all over it.

    My true problem within is that I have issues trying control my emotions and this is what I need to manage. Instead of using porn and masturbation as a simple numbing medicine, I need therapy and emotional management lessons. I can do this through my local library by reading about it, which is where I am now.

    Just remember that you must make a moral inventory of yourself and come to terms with the deeper issue.
    Its going to take all youve got but its worth it in the end because I've hear stories that its simply heart breaking to watch your own children go down the same road. You must be the cycle-breaker !!!

    Anyway, I write half this stuff for you guys and also for myself.
  6. coolmike87

    coolmike87 Fapstronaut

    I think you have the right idea by deleting the facebook and instagram if they cause you to fap and you intend not to. You've tested the waters yourself by deleting them, redownloading them, and then fapping... Those apps are definitely huge triggers for me. I don't have either. My whole first year of noFap, I have some pretty strict filters set in place for myself. You really have to ask yourself how badly you want to quit watching porn and masturbating in your life and be willing to make the sacrifices and struggles you need to accomplish that. Even when you have a 5 years of no PMO, all it may take is a sexy photo and a bad day for you to relapse. Its that simple.
    I agree this is an epidemic that is ignored. Its great that you made your way here. Don't give up and goodluck.
  7. LESIO

    LESIO Fapstronaut

    Instagram filters so much, how did you PMO there?

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