January's Gone

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. It was difficult to get the courage to write this post and accept that i have failed myself. i broke my progress and nearly stooped down to another low phase. Not going to gym regularly, watching random movies and series, wasting time on p**n etc

    I made several plans and failed them. I could not keep up with them. and i totally accept my failures.

    Tomorrow i see a new hope. A new month. A chance to prove myself to myself that i am worth it. that i can change. The next 29 days are out and out the most crucial days of my entire life.

    And i take a VOW to make the best out of them. To become the best i can be.

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  2. RestlessEngineer

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    Great spirit brother, we all believe in you
  3. Thanks mate. Good luck to you as well :)
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  4. Just an Update:

    - Currently am on day 4 (4th feb) and going strong
    - i have planned a trip and going to leave tomorrow, so i guess it will help me in many ways but yeah i will be missing my gym sessions though.
    - i have more plans after i return from my vacation.
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  5. Basilio

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    I hear ya man! January was a great start for me, but things started to get lazy and dark towards the end.

    Just moved to a new place recently so I was busy with all that and fell off on my healthy eating habits, working out and just taking care of myself. Let's give February a great start!

    Have a good trip by the way, where ever you're going
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    It is more importand how many times you will try again, then how many times you stop. Maybe start with one habbit at a time, so it is more easier to hang on to it. You also prevent in this way you dont drop all habbits if you just fail one.

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