Jeremy Corbyn is Anti-Semitic?

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    I genuinely don't think he is. But this whole anti-Semitic thing has been so badly handled, by Labour in general, but by Corbin and his supporters in particular, I've lost all faith in him. This should have been dealt with, decisively and once-and-for-all months ago.
    In 2018, there are bigger fish to fry. Brexit being the main one.
    The Tory party are in disarray, and yet Labour are offering no real opposition, because they too are busy fighting amongst themselves. The Liberal Democrats are a spent force. The whole thing is deeply disturbing, and frankly pathetic.
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    I am surprised that a communist, IRA collaborator became so popular in Britain to start with. But his anti-semitism is not surprising at all. During the cold war it was the communist-left that became the next jew-haters, most terror attacks against Israel and Jews were conducted by European communists and the left-wing radicals. Jeremy Corbyn is just a leftover from that time, now he is trying to revive that hatred for a new generation.
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  4. Nothing that Corbyn has said has been dishonest, nor consistent with the facts. He is only "anti semitic" in the manner that he has pointed out obvious hypocrisies in the Jewish narrative that calling Israel a "racist" state is anti semitic. "counter semitic" is a more fitting term. Where are the lies in his criticisms of Israel? According to the definition of racism enforced in the West by Jews, Israel is not doing a good job of leading by example. Is Israel a "racist" state? Let their policies speak for themselves.

    In Israel:

    >Only ethnic Jews are allowed citizenship. Arabs and other gentiles are denied citizenship
    >interracial marriage between Jews and non Jews is illegal
    >Slavery is legal so long as it is non-Jews being subjected to it. Israel has some of the most active sex-slave operations in the world which particularly prey on Eastern European women lured in by "Russian" gangs who are in reality operated by Jews.
    >Israel refuses to take in non Jewish refugees of any sort and routinely deports non Jews who manage to get in en masse.
    >essentially the same conditions as Jim Crowe are in place regarding forced separation of Jews and non Jews in schools, living areas.
    >Israel has a "big beautiful wall" protecting it from foreigners, the same exact kind of wall that is considered "racist" for Americans for wanting for their own border.
    >The Israeli military regularly brutally suppresses and kills un-armed, non violent Palestinian(non Jewish) civilians in ways that if ANY western country tried to imitate they would be crucified as war criminals and terrorists. There are hundreds of videos viewable online showing Israeli soldiers laughing as they beat and shoot civilians including children.
    > Jewish politicians and newspapers openly boast about the supremacy of the Jewish race and their disdain for the gentile "goyim".

    The Jewish govt. and their lobby in the west have concocted the idea that any honest and truthful observations of their behavior is "anti semitic" and that it is fundamentally evil to notice such things. This is nothing short of moral/emotional blackmail. They do not even bother hiding their unscrupulous and titanic hypocritical behavior because they know few individuals will ever have the courage to dare point it out for fear of being called anti semites. But really, why is there even a such word as "anti semite"? Why is supposed "hatred" of Jews not just considered normal racism like it is for everyone else, why does it have to have its own word, are Jews more special than everyone else?
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    … he is also a scuffy left wing cock!
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    Absolute agreement with @Armalite Rifle . Criticism of hypocrisy and human rights violations has nothing to do with perceived prejudice against an ethno-religious demographic. Israel has much to answer for; that has nothing to do with the average Jew living abroad, unless they actively campaign for, politically advocate for, or otherwise support the actions of what is blatantly an ethnically-cleansing state founded on deception and open terrorism.

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    The fuck, this post is innaccurate on so many levels. Not only do Arab Isreali’s have citizenship but they serve in the The government where they openly criticize government policy.
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  8. I was going to say something similar but I thought what's the point because he already decided it's true. He's taken complex issues and tried to simplify them.
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    For most of his posts its not even complex issues, its outright lies.

    Saying Arabs don’t have citizenship in Israel is like saying Russia is like saying Jordan Peterson has been arrested for his views in Canada.

    Its an outright lie you’d here from Saudi Arabian government media.
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    He’d ruin the economy. Socialism is a fools errand.
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    The Conservatives have been just as leaderless as Labour since David Cameron stood down (arguably before). Sadly there is a very prominent 'right wing' of the Labour Party that are still supporters of Tony Blair etc, that refused to get behind any genuine opposition to the austerity agenda that the Neo-liberal consensus diagnosed after the recession (that is still going on for most people).

    Brexit, and the mismanagement of it, will be the blame for every hateful policy the Tories inflict on us for a generation, just like the financial collapse was for the last 10 years' worth.
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    While this post is a bit old, I still feel the need, as a religious Jew and a proud Israeli, to at least try to defend my country from what appears to be blatant ignorance (and you are sadly not alone in this world, pal. So many people out there know nothing about Israel and therefore rush to attack it).
    Completely false. There actually are people recognized as "Arab-Israelis", not to mention Bedouin settlements, Druze settlements, etc. There are several high-ranking generals in the IDF who are Druze. I believe that Christian monks and priests that 'serve' in the various churches also have citizenship, if I'm not mistaken, and probably also other Christians. Not to mention that there are, as mentioned above, Arab Members of Parliament (The Knesset). After the fall of the Soviet Union, many Russians flooded to Israel. Most were Jews, but many weren't.
    What. I seriously have nothing to say about this. I've heard many stupid claims about Israel, but this one takes the cake. No. Just no.
    It's possible that you're confused with Torah laws regarding slavery, and to keep it simple: Those laws, given by God, were laws that were in favor of helping rehabilitate slaves at a time-period when slaves were considered worse than trash around the world. Essentially, they were "slave-rights". Nowadays there is no need for slave-rights in Israel because slavery doesn't exist in modern, democratic countries.
    I suppose that's actually true, but at least understand the reasoning: Israel was officialized by the UN as a safe-haven for the Jewish Nation that had suffered for generations on end during the last nearly-2000 years of exile while wandering from country to country. Can you really blame us for wanting to keep our small (I think Israel is about the size of New Jersey) patch of the world for ourselves? We want to keep Israel's ethnic-majority Jewish, because that is and always will be the purpose of Israel. What about you? Would you be willing to accept thousands if not millions of poor, un-western-educated, often criminally-driven refugees? I know that sounds really racist and uncaring, but the reality is that terrorism is on the rise in places where many refugees were sent, like France, not to mention that many illegals came to Tel Aviv (a major city in Israel), started breaking and entering, stealing, bullying people, raping people, etc, essentially making the southern part of the city dangerous? Would you be willing to accept these people with open arms? If so, I salute you, and good luck.
    So I'll admit, I had to look up "Jim Crowe", and once again, I'm rolling my eyes. For the most part, Jews and Arabs choose to live apart - and as such, learn in different schools, but there are cities where they live side-by-side and in some schools, also learn together. The fact is that Tanakh (Old Testament) is a requirement in most state-sanctioned schools, and I'm not sure how many Arabs are okay with their kids learning Tanakh. Why is it a requirement? Again, that's because Israel wants to stay a Jewish country. Some Arabs don't know Hebrew that well and prefer to learn in Arabic-oriented schools.
    The USA has its own reasons for wanting a wall. As I understand, it's less about homeland security. For Israel, that's THE MAIN REASON. SECURITY. I really can't stress this enough. A typical Israeli's daily life is flooded with reports about terrorists, terror attacks, bombings, missiles, underground Hamas tunnels, kidnappings, etc. We do what we can to feel safe and to allow our children to grow up as safe as possible. Can you look me in the eye and blame us?
    I'd like to see just ONE of these "hundreds of videos". I've honestly never seen a single one. Seriously, send me a video. I think I can dismiss this with common recurring stories from the last few IDF operations in Gaza: Whenever The IDF was about to bomb an area, they WARNED the citizens about the attack: They dropped many fliers from the sky, I believe they also sent SMSs to Gazan phones, maybe even "hacked" the radio waves. Consider the following: Hamas, living among the Gazan people, got to know ahead of time that they were about to be attacked and could hide or flee. What kind of "stupid" country does that? About beating up children, usually the Palestinians incite and push their children to throw rocks and beat up soldiers. Usually, the soldiers (young guys between 18 to 23, usually) hold their ground and do nothing. Sometimes they might hit back lightly in self-defense, if it gets really bad. They certainly aren't sadistic and DO NOT take pleasure in hitting people, certainly not children. I know, I've served in the IDF. In fact, I've served beside Israeli Arabs.
    Do you know what the word Goy means? It means "nation", in Hebrew. Goyim is simply the Hebrew word FOR gentile. Have you ever read an Israeli newspaper? Have you ever actually heard an Israeli or Jewish politician? Because it sounds like you haven't. I've never heard one speak about the "supremacy" of the Jewish Nation. This is a long shot, but maybe you're mistaking supremacy for a term you might've heard in the past: The common religious expression "אור לגויים - Or L'a'goyim", which means "light for nations". That's not supremacy. It's the religious belief that we must spread Jewish ideals and morals in the world (but it does not mean that we want to convert the entire world. We do not.). Do you know what Judaism-wise it's like to be a "light for nations"? All the nations got 7 Noahite commandments: Simple basic things, you can look 'em up. Do you know what we got? 613 commandments!!!
    If you're interested in hearing more about any of these points, or else you want to send me proofs of Israeli racism and/or sadism, you're more than welcome.
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    Corbyn is a radical lefty. He’d ruin the uk economy

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