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  1. Women just want tall guys with square faces. If you think otherwise, you clearly have never left the house and still live with the dellusion that there is more to attraction than just looks.

    Women are shallow, men are shallow, humanity is like that. And we lie about it out because we are patronizing and deceptive.
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    I don't know man, my ex was taller than me so it was kind of funny looking up at her when we would meet up. I remember asking about her old boyfriend one time and she told me he was a short, chubby latin dude. I was just a few inches shorter than her but I remember her always telling me "I just want someone to love me and feed me" lol.
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    I think most women want that yeah, just like most blokes want a slim petite subservient girl. But you gotta look real hard and put yourself out there and go that extra mile to find a women who's willing to date you. At 5'4 I'm a complete manlet but I'm at least good looking and original, I try to use those traits to my advantage and it's landed me more than my fair share of stunners in the past. It's ironic though, because I myself am quite shallow about the girls I like, I won't date fat girls, girls with kids, girls who post pics with stupid filters and caterpillar eyebrows, or girls who aren't above average in looks, so that kind of limits my scope and constantly having to punch well above my weight. I see guys dating ugly chicks and I think to myslef, "fuck that I'd rather be alone all my life than settle for less"
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    Haha bullshit dude. Those tall goodlooking dudes have the best shot, sure. But im 5'5 without one of those square faces (i think i know what u mean by square face?) and i get plenty of female attention. It more to do with confidence and being able to hold a conversation and not coming off as a beta. Sounds like you are a debbie downer of sorts and that repels women pretty quickly. You gotta work on that shit first before you think about attracting women. Develop skills until you truly think you are the shit.

    PS i should mention that unlike @Capt. U i dont even think about going after women taller than me cuz I assume they are not interested. But there are PLENTY of women shorter than me at 5'5 and it seems to me they just wnat a guy taller than them.

    PSS Is being attracted to who we are attracted to "shallow"? We are natural beings and have little control over who we are attracted to. But if you think women are only attracted to the best looking guys on the planet you are mistaken. They are much less "shallow" than men are in this regard and men have plenty of ways to make up for lack of looks while unfortunatley it seems like women do not have many ways to make up for it.
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