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  1. Hi!
    I'm warrior1995. I'm here to make myself a better person and to help others in the best journey of their life, The No PMO journey. And i have found some precious Chinese rebooting articles. Which i know, can be of great help for those who are struggling to get rid of this Porn and masturbation habbit, but couldn't do so. But I'm sure after reading these articles of jiese's forum the things will going to be different. The seasons are in Chinese. I will post the translation of them as accurate as possible. I will upload one season daily. There are total of 120 seasons. And I'm sure with reading of each season, you will be more vigilant and progressive towards ur NO pmo journey. Reading reboot articles is compulsory to fuel ur will power. Without reading you can't get that boost to carry on ur streaks. I hope, you will find those articles helpful in finding the answers of many questions that u wanted to ask.
  2. Again I'm telling that I'm not author of this post. This post belongs to the jieseba Chinese forum. I have just posted the translation of the Chinese version. Because i found it helpful in keeping myself motivated so, i wished to share it with all.
    I will use some short symbols for some words, like the words which can be triggers for readers. I will explain those short symbols in next post.The posts are very long so, i decided to post every next season after 2 days
    Here is
    Season 1: The root cause of repeated precepts and failures-the lack of cultivation of the heart
    I have been in the rebooting bar for about a year and saw the failures of countless brothers. Many brothers vowed to quit every time. The determination was great. It didn’t take long for them to lose the battle. Those who break the precept will be very depressed and self-conscious. Negative and even decadent, even broken. Of course, there are many people who evade, who just think they can’t quit.

    Almost everyone thinks of rebooting because their bodies are declining, but every time they quit, they can’t get out of the vicious circle. This vicious circle seems to have a kind of magic that always controls you firmly. You are controlled like a puppet, masturbate. Bad habits seem to be difficult to quit, and every time you quit, you can't break through the vicious circle.

    Many brothers always blame the lack of perseverance and self-control after breaking the vows. This is actually not a deep understanding. In my experience, it is extremely difficult to force vows solely by willpower and perseverance, unless the person is "Rebooting martyrs would rather die than hands", but such loyal people are rare. Rebooting cannot rely solely on perseverance. Relying on perseverance will basically fail. It will only become worse as you quit, or even give up.

    In view of your repeated precepts and repeated failures, I want to show you a clear way. It is through this method that I completely quit masturbation. There is a saying that goes well: There is always a way to succeed, but you did not find it. When you fail repeatedly, you have to think about the deep-seated reasons for the failure, instead of just perfunctory and rashly blame yourself for lack of perseverance. This kind of understanding will still fail next time and you will not get out of the vicious circle.

    Here I want to popularize a very important concept to everyone:
    Cultivating the mind!
    I believe everyone has heard of this term. The core of practice is to cultivate the mind! The heart here refers to thoughts. Rebooting must learn to control thoughts! Only when you really know how to cultivate your mind can you hope to get rid of the bad masturbation habit. Some brothers will reboot by diverting their attention and enriching their lives. Before they learn to cultivate the mind, they basically do this. This is a way to treat the symptoms but not the root cause. The key lies in the cultivation of the mind, because the mind is the foundation and the thought. It leads to the behavior, so you have to do it at the root so that you can really get rid of it.

    The reason why some brothers have repeatedly prescribed and failed is that on the one hand, they have misunderstandings and insufficient consciousness, and the most fundamental reason is that they cannot cultivate their minds, or they do not cultivate their minds properly. They are always greedy and have heavy greed. Together with the thoughts, I don't know how to cut them off, but instead follow them. In the end, they become lustful, unable to stop, and have to break. I believe that many brothers have repeated this process of relapse many times because of the inadequate cultivation of the mind. We must learn to cultivate the mind, learn to observe our own thoughts, not to follow evil thoughts, learn to recognize evil thoughts, and cut off evil thoughts in time. Starting from the 17th season, I will systematically introduce how to cultivate the mind and how to control one's thoughts. This is the most critical knowledge in actual rebooting. This kind of knowledge is very precious, and if you truly master it, you can hope to dominate your heart.

    At the beginning, some newcomers were very impetuous and did not seriously study rebooting articles. They just relied on perseverance to force them and swear poisonous oaths. The result would be a failure, because their mental awareness did not improve and they did not know how to cultivate their minds. . The brain controls the hands. It is the thoughts in the mind that lead to the behavior of masturbation, so it is necessary to learn to cultivate the mind and cure negative thoughs. It is definitely impossible to cultivate the mind without being in place. Many brothers have repeatedly tried to fail. On the one hand, the actual combat is too bad. When they see the temptation, they stare at it. They don't know how to avoid it. The situation is a big test. You must learn to avoid it. ! Bodhisattvas see their desires, like a fire pit! In this era of rampant pornography, you must be cautious about surfing the Internet and keep your eyes under control. On the other hand, you can’t stop thinking. When you think about it, you can’t stop it right away, and you will easily lose control.

    If you want to successfully quit, you must first reform your mind by studying rebooting articles. Basically every brother has been misled by the harmless theory, and there are many misunderstandings in his mind. Therefore, new people who start rebooting must learn more rebooting articles to reform themselves. The thoughts, recognize the harm, overcome greed, and make up your mind to give up. Many people have watched a lot of pornography, or even watched it for more than ten years. They are full of evil thoughts, and they will have evil thoughts when they see the opposite sex. They are extremely nasty and dirty! Full of negative energy! This is the result of long-term use of adulterous content to brainwash oneself, washing one's own brain into yellow brain. Many people think of harmlessness, and they are also brainwashing themselves, letting those wrong theories occupy their brains, and thus become irreconcilable. Rebooting is to reform your mind, establish righteous knowledge and right view, and learn to cultivate your mind, so that you can get out of that vicious circle.

    We must continue to study rebooting articles. The Lord and brothers will share good rebooting articles. These are valuable learning resources. Good rebooting articles should be studied repeatedly and take more notes. Everyone must have a daily class of study. Keep on doing it without interruption. If you keep on studying for a period of time, your consciousness will be significantly improved, and many ideological mistakes will be corrected. You also know where the focus of rebooting is. Repeatedly emphasize those key points to help you deepen your understanding and increase your awareness. I quit until now, I still often read rebooting articles and rebooting notes, and I have been answering questions, not only for doing good and accumulating virtue, but also very important for maintaining a good rebooting state. We need to rectify ourselves and help more people. If we quit ourselves, we must also help everyone to quit together.

    Cultivating the mind is not only the thought of treating evil and obscenity, but also other negative thoughts, such as greed, hatred, jealousy, arrogance, complaining, etc. The scope of mind cultivation should be expanded so that it can be filled with positive energy. Although some people have rebooted, other negative thoughts are still heavy. If you stop for a certain period of time, these negative thoughts may indirectly lead to relapse. For example, if you get angry with others, your heart is out of balance, you want to watch pornography and masturbate. Vent, so you will fall into the vicious circle again. When we reboot, we must learn to keep calm, avoid an attitude of hatred, and our hearts must be peaceful and stable. Don't be jealous of others. With this kind of thought, there will be no peace in your heart, troubles will arise, and your own continuity will be stained. If you slander the other party again, you will have a bad relationship with the other party, planting an evil cause, and you will suffer from this in the future. When you see others succeed, you should be happy and rejoice sincerely! After rebooting, you must be humble. After seeing many brothers rebooting for a period of time, they become proud. The result is that "the arrogant soldier will be defeated."

    For brothers who always fail, I hope you don’t get discouraged, don’t get discouraged, and don’t give up on yourself. The predecessors have failed many times. The key is to seriously reflect and summarize, improve your own consciousness, and strengthen your own mind-cultivation skills. The better the ring, the better you can break through the vicious circle and overcome the vice of masturbation. After you study the rebooting article, you should also teach the rebooting knowledge to other brothers. This will help others and deepen your own impression.

    Remember, this is a warning from someone who came by.

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