Jocko Podcast 130: Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus, 'On Roman Military Affairs'

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  1. Good morning to you all,

    Been taking some hits from life and PMO recently, so my reading of Seneca has dropped off somewhat; getting back on track, I decided to listen to one of John Willink's podcasts based on the writings of Flavius Vegetius Renatus. I made note of all the key takeaways from it. There is a lot more wisdom in there than I have taken down here, but the notes below I believe are most relevant, at the very least to me. Enjoy.

    • Victory depends on skill and discipline
    • Hold a proud, erect posture
    • Happiness and security come from discipline
    • Carry your burdens; they make you stronger
    • Discipline slips by degrees; always be vigilant
    • "Draw the chief advantages from your circumstances"
    • Constant, consistent training and preparation will win the day
    • Go out there, and get after it
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  2. For those that wish to listen/watch to the podcast, which I highly suggest you do, you can access it through the YouTube link here:

    In all further video, podcast and media breakdowns I will be including the link in the original post. Have a great day everyone, and learn something new.

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