Jocko Podcast 17: Richard Winters, 'Beyond Band of Brothers'

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  1. Jocko Podcast 17 - With Echo Charles | Band of Brothers | Losing the Fight

    • Prioritise and execute
    • Get rid of what you do not need to accomplish your task
    • Hit the enemy on the flank
    • Know your objective
    • Understand you and your men to get the most out of yourself and others
    • Honesty and discipline
    • If others are not taking action, you must take action
    • Train how you fight, fight how you train
    • Physical activity keeps you mentally alert
    • Physical exhaustion = mental exhaustion = deterioration of discipline
    • Tell people why
    • Be a leader; be emulated
    • To deal with a dichotomy, find the balance
    • Take the fight to the evil within
    • There are no natural born leaders
    • Preparation and physical conditioning will set you apart
    • Leadership is defined in two words: follow me
    • Discipline yourself, so you can free yourself
    • Detach from the chaos of emotion
    • Train for the worst case scenario
    • Are you wrong? Good.
    • When you dig in, you cannot manoeuvre
    • Be aware of hyperbolic discounting
    • If you fight with all you got, more often than not you will not go down, you will win
    • Stand and fight; fight against weakness and fear and time and decay - fight back
    • Fight with every ounce of energy, every bead of sweat and every drop of blood
    • Go out there, and get after it
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  2. I gave his podcast a listen to but I hated how black and white Jocko is. Sometimes it's less black and white and more grey.
  3. He can be like that, I agree. It is often not so cut and dry, but it can also be enormously beneficial to simply things we have a tendency to all too often complicate and blur. Jocko has a lot of wisdom and wise words to offer, and I would not reject the podcast so hastily my friend. Listening to his podcast has taught me a lot, and changed me as a person for the better.

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