Jocko Podcast 20: Mao Zedong, 'On Guerrilla Warfare'

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    • Compromises should be made for strategic design
    • Deny information to your foes/opponents
    • Only fight when the chances of victory are in your favour
    • Create a favourable situation ahead of time and before you begin
    • Let your subordinate leaders lead
    • Concealed in strength is weakness, and in weakness, strength
    • In each advantage lies the seeds of disadvantage; the reverse is also true
    • "Uproar in the east, strike in the west"
    • Discipline leads to strength
    • Be alert; be mobile; be adaptable
    • Avoid the solid, attack the hollow
    • "Rivers are deep because they absorb small streams"
    • Just giving out orders blindly does not work
    • Without a goal, you will lose conviction
    • Self-discipline will build a tower of strength
    • Prioritise and execute
    • Be open to all sources of knowledge
    • There is always more to know
    • You absorb the most information when you are relaxed
    • You are not everything you think you are, but you can become more than what you think you can be
    • The things you do today will affect you in years to come
    • Consistency is key in all things
    • The people that are successful decide they are going to be successful
    • Choose to become who you want to become; overcome nature and nurture, they both hold no more sway over you and your future than you allow them to
    • Get after it.
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