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    If you're sick of unorganized chaos, unreliability, unknowledgeable facilitators, and flaky group members, you probably want to check out NoFap's group sessions.

    - Meet weekly anonymously with a group of peers - and a caring facilitator who is also a recovering porn addict.
    - They take place via Zoom software, which allows you to attend on your computer or by calling in. Participate with your voice, webcam, or text-chat only.
    - Experienced group facilitators who understand NoFap's best practices.
    - NoFap keeps track of your streak and holds you accountable for reaching your sexual health goals.
    - Be among a group of peers who are completely bought into the process and are taking recovery seriously.
    - Available to anyone over the age of 18 who are looking to improve their sexual habits, with a focus on recovery from porn addiction, porn overuse, and compulsive sexual behavior.

    Porn addiction isn't a joke. Although it isn't easy, recovery IS possible. Get serious peer support and kick your porn addiction in the pants.
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