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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by MartianCactus, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. MartianCactus

    MartianCactus Fapstronaut

    Guys, I am having a am I supposed to set up a counter?

    When I went to the link given in the google docs NoFap guide it asked me to sign in with google account and when I did, it showed me this

    I joined NoFap just yesterday, so I don't really know why its showing "245 days" or what "DDCC" fact I don't really understand the concept of counters or rebooting logs completely either..

    Help would be appreciated!!
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  2. Deadlihood

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    Hi there. Nice username!

    As for the PMO counter, it appears to be broken at the moment. But don't fret! We (the NoFap community) are here to help you with each passing day of sobriety. Have you started a journal in the Under 20 section yet?
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  3. It's an example counter that you're seeing. There should be a link or a button somewhere there to click which will bring you to a place where you can make your own. Maybe try to click "Need to change or reset this counter?' link? I don't know, just search, it's somewhere there on a page.

    Then you can add it to your forum signature. But it might not always show up on signature cos something is broke with So don't be surprised if it shows buggy on this website. But counter itself should work just fine.
  5. MartianCactus

    MartianCactus Fapstronaut

    Is it just broken for me or the entire website?
    But Deadlihood said that the counter was broken...
    No, I haven't but I will soon do it once I set my counter!
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  6. Entire website, I can't remember the last time I saw a counter lol if you have a smartphone, you can download an app that'll help you count days. Personally I use, "Quit That!" I have an iPhone, idk if it's also on android phones.
  7. No, the website ( is broken, not the counter. for whatever reason does not display counter properly. Counter shows fine on all the other websites and forums I have tested it on (feel free to test yourself, lemme know if ya find another one that does not show it properly, I might be wrong), only on this forum it seems to be broken. So the conclusion which makes the most sense is that it's something to do with, not the counter itself. If I remember correctly counter started to glitch around that time when admins changed something with hosting to increase security, cos they were experiencing DDoS attacks or something. There might be some connection issues due to that.
  8. Awakening123

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    I wish someone would bring those old counters back. They worked great for me. I want to know the progress I have made every time I post a post here!
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