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    It upsets me to know that truth is being censored.
    JP's documentary has been facing ban after ban.
    Because he is promoting common sense in the age of chaos .

    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    Antifa is also forcing JP meetups to be cancelled. If anyone considers JP of all people to be far-right then they lost it. Lol I’m probably more to the right than him.
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  3. Di.Do.555

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  4. A ban? A few cinemas don't want to air it, that's not a ban. I can't blame them, the pathetic title "The Rise of Jordan Peterson" says it all. A youtube celebrity who was made famous by edgy children thanks to his vacuous railing against "SJWs" getting a biopic as if he actually accomplished anything of value is pretty ridiculous.
  5. onceaking

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    Is that all? Yeah, hardly a ban.
  6. Didnt he recently check himself into rehab for drug problems?

    I dont judge his character any less if he did, i think i read that though.
  7. onceaking

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    Yeah, he did. If I recall correctly when his wife got cancer he got depressed and was prescribed antidepressants and eventually became addicted to them.
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  8. Get_It

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    I went through my Jordan Peterson phase. It was short lived.
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    I'm university educated, consider myself reasonably intelligent, others would probably agree - yet I swear I cannot figure out what the hell he is talking about most of the time, let alone extract some kind of wisdom which is applicable to everyday life. Gave up on 12 Rules because it made no sense to me whatsoever. I think his motivation, to help those who are struggling, is admirable, but I think he has had his head buried in high level academia so long he has completely lost any idea of how 90% of the people out there actually communicate.
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  10. Jordan Peterson is one of the few people I really look up to and strive to be like, he's probably one of the most uncorruptible, truly loving and caring yet still masculine and responsible people alive right now. Reading his book (12 Rules for Life, not maps of meaning though I might get around to that too) and eagerly waiting for the sequel.

    If that makes me a "far-right Nazi" then so be it, if all the Nazis were about was being your best self and helping others and their most contentious talking point was not wanting compelled speech, maybe they weren't so bad. I do remember something about Nazis mass murdering minorities, but Peterson never condoned anything close to that so I guess it's just a myth.
  11. No shit, I'm probably way to the right of most of the political figures I follow, and I'm pretty damn moderate. Tim Pool getting his "anti-racism" event hosting speakers of all walks of like boycotted by Antifa and Peterson getting similar treatment and I'm just sitting here wondering how long it would take to get a bike lock slammed into my skull if I ever hosted an event like that.
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    Same. It was an absolute pleasure watching him wipe the floor with various interviewers on TV, keen to misrepresent his position on gender-neutral pronouns (etc). But since then I've watched a lot of his videos, and attempted to listen to some of his interminable podcast, and I don't really get his newfound status as a self-help guru to troubled young men. Apart from anything else, he appears to be absolutely miserable - and this in spite of his good financial health, his happy marriage, etc. And as intelligently as he comes across in interviews and (occasionally) in print, his twitter feed reads like someone having a very public middle age breakdown (Twitter brings out the worst in everyone)

    I haven't read the book, but the 12 Rules don't seem like anything very special, just typical self-help suggestions, even if he pads it out with references to ancient archetypes and Carl Jung.
  13. SuperFan

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    Jordan Peterson has managed to absolutely infuriate people by speaking truth and suggesting that--gasp--people should take responsibility for themselves. In my opinion, he's pissing off all the right people.

    I added emphasis to the relevant part of your comment.
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  14. Yeah me too. I still like him but I don't obsess over him like some of his fans do. A lot of them think that they have everything figured out just because they listen to JP.
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  15. Right? There's a growing "cult" around Peterson that thinks he's totally infallible. Although I look up to him greatly there's still a lot of things we disagree on, and he checked himself into rehab to deal with withdrawal from medication he was taking (benzos I think, legally of course): he's just as flawed as the rest of us. I do think it's incredibly admirable that he's essentially dedicated his life to helping as many people as possible get out from under the gutter, but when people start taking his political opinions as fact like he's some sort of Canadian Jesus it starts to grind on me.
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  16. Triplex VII

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    I see JP and his rise to popularity a few ways. On one hand he did it just by speaking common sense. However he also did it in a day and age that is hell bent on removing common sense from daily life. So of course it got attention. Additionally, he began talking about deeper truths in life, and I will admit that most of everything he says is all stuff that has been said already by other people countless times throughout history. However, he is doing in a time where people are getting more lost than ever before, and this wisdom that JP regurgitates is stuff that many many people seem to have forgotten. So no wonder it gets attention. Additionally this fame came to him, he never went looking for it. Yet his goals are noble, his reasons are admirable, so I dont blame him if he cashes in on the fame in order to promote his content. It has done nothing but help people for the most part.

    And as for me? I grew up lost, abused in ways you cant imagine, without any real parents. I had messed up views on life, and JP was the voice that actually got me to listen. He taught me lessons a father should. Taught me more of what it meant to be a man. And since then I have seen more life success than ever before. I am doing very well, all things considered. And it's because of his message. Sure anybody could have said his words. Other people already have before. But I heard HIM say them. Thats what matters.
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  17. Di.Do.555

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    Much love and respect for you.
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  18. onceaking

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    Came across this written by the director of the film. She doesn't seem to be someone who deeply loves him or hate him, just someone who found him to be an interesting person and wanted to make a film about him.

    Here's an extract:

    While following this story, the undercurrent of the culture wars was very salient to me. I was struck by the way Peterson rose to stardom as a polarising figure, embodying both the hero and the villain. So much so that even my documentary about him has become controversial. Complaints by cinema staff led to three screening cancellations - one for a week-long run in Toronto that was scheduled to follow our premiere in September.

    And all of this came after many mainstream and arthouse cinemas declined to show the film because of fear of controversy, fear of social reprimand, or ethical and safety concerns related to drawing in Jordan Peterson fans. The film isn’t a celebratory fluff piece, however, nor is it a hit piece, but even when this was acknowledged, the nuance of the film was also seen as a setback. People will pay money to watch feel-good films about their heroes, not to see complexity, I was told.

    I began this film in 2015 with interest in a human story. But when Peterson published the controversial Professor Against Political Correctness videos in 2016, he drew a line at what he believed he should be forced to say, and many people drew a line at him — it was no longer ethical to humanise him. It forced me to consider the question: as a film-maker, when does it become unethical to explore a person or topic in a film? I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this and I continue to land in the same place: I think any person or topic is fair game, but it’s the approach and treatment that matters.
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