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    I document this on my phone notes.

    While you abstain from PMO, getting rid of thoughts that trigger your urges will help in a faster recovery and make things easier.

    This is what I do, as soon as a thought comes or as soon as I want to day dream about things, I just stop the thought from going out of hand e.g. the first 2 seconds of the thought.

    Then I document it as a battle (change the word battle to any word you want) even though these are battles, most are quite easy because they last 2 seconds but some are hard. I then document the time and the room I am in e.g. [BR] is bedroom. I have a box that ticks it off instead of bullet points. You can change it and fit the theme your confertable with.

    • Battle 34 [10:00am] [BR]

    • Battle 35 [10:02am] [BR]

    • Battle 36 [10:03am] [BR]

    • Battle 37 [10:21am] [BR]

    • Battle 38 [10:43am] [BR]

    Also when I want to PMO and tellmyselfI’m not going to do it, I document that as well as a battle.

    Increasing your willpower, self diciplineandself confidnece.

    I name them battles because i enjoy video games and after every like 50 battles I feel like I’ve defeated a boss Battle.

    Also I have a couple of quotes and images that motivate me on the same document.

    My last battles lasted 266 times (this was my fourth attempt, my first 3 were under and around 100). But I will continue to improve.

    I would like to achieve 1000+ battles.

    The best thing is that:

    When you have a extreme urge my mindset used to tell me e.g. imagine i’m on day 10 and I want to do 30 Days “there’s20 Days left that’s nearly 500 hours of pain!” if I relapse now the pain andstress will go!

    But the pain worsens withtheconsequences of relapsing and the pain returns later on.

    But the best thing is you figure out that the pain and urges are temporary, not over 500 hours.

    They literally can diminish in around 10 minutes, sometimes 15, sometimes more. So my mindset now is that I just need to survive for 10 minutes for this urge to calm down so the pain will also go with it too. This way it’s much more bearable and after this I can go work on my other gaols.

    And it feels good to win.
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