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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Ryanpl, Dec 22, 2017.

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    Hey guys, completely new here, so forgive any 'transgressions'.

    Recently have found out prone masturbation is damaging to your sexual health. And I've been doing it for the past 8 years, always thought it was perfectly healthy and natural. Apparently it's not. I slept with a friend of mine a few weeks ago, and I couldn't 'finish'. I just thought it was the fact I masturbate about 1-5x a day or that it was my first time. My libido has dropped significantly recently as well, so I figured it'd be a good time to relearn how to masturbate in a natural, healthy way that isn't harmful to myself.

    I also do a small amount of PE type exercises, but that's been on hold for a while.

    So the plan is to hold off on all sexual activity over the next week. Then start using my hand to masturbate instead, just spending about 30 minutes "exploring" myself again and to see what happens. Apparently should be back to healthy within a month or so.

    My entire goal here is to just become a little more sexually healthy and less addicted. Just limit masturbation down to bare minimum and manage to have a normal sex life. Also want to limit porn use as well. Then once I'm back to being healthy, restart my PE work.
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    Day 3:

    73 hours elapsed. 94 hours remaining.

    I started this on Thursday, now it's Saturday. First day or so wasn't too bad. Now it's getting a bit more difficult. I have a female friend of mine, and I'm really attracted to her. And we seem to be escalating a little more than usual, she's sent me a couple photos of her in her underwear. And we've even "sexted" a little. So it's been a bit of a struggle to stay on track today. Just want to release some of this frustrations as I really want to see her, if you grasp my meaning haha.

    I'm almost half way through this thing, I've started reading a little when I start feeling like I need to release. I've stopped taking ZMA as to have abit of a reboot from everything. It's just this damn girl though haha, she's gorgeous. But hey, bring it on, I can take it lol. (He says while his balls ache...)

    Just using this to help put out my thoughts, figured it could help me stay on track.

    Probably be hearing from me tomorrow. Cheers guys.
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    Looking forward to it bud.. :)
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    Day 4:

    97 hours elapsed. 71 hours remaining.

    Alright so, its Sunday. Christmas Eve. This morning was a struggle, my EQ and Libido have increased a lot today. Honestly had an erection for 2 hours this morning, and it wouldn't go away. Found it really hard to not do any kind of prone masturbation. Again, this same girl is being a pain. She's not even trying to turn me on or anything. I want to progress things with her at some point, just don't really know how. She's a busy girl. (if anyone has any ideas, definitely let me know).

    Did a small PE session, just a few jelqs and kegals. My balls are really starting to ache now though, looking forward to the end of all this. Just realised I'm going on holiday with family about the same time I finish this 7 day break :/. Maybe it'll give me an actual chance to learn how to do it with my hands this way. Do it in the shower or something. Just trying to go by sleeps now, it's easier to track how much time is left by the things you have to actually do, instead of the things
    that signify a period of time that can have other things in aka a normal day.

    To be honest, all this is almost making me depressed. I just feel more pent up and rigid.

    Believe thats everything I want to say, see you guys tomorrow.
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    Okay so, I broke protocol. But I did it haha, I managed to masturbate and finish with my hand! After 8 years I always thought I'd never be able to do it. I estimate that it took maybe 15 minutes or so. I was so pent up too, so now I feel really good about everything. I didn't even use any videos of porn like I usually do, I just used an image or two.

    I can't believe this what I was missing too. It felt better than doing it prone! Don't think i'm going back anytime soon aha.

    Alright, can't get too ahead of myself. I've still got a little while to go before I definitely know I'm good. For the next 2-4 weeks, I need to try and masturbate with my hand daily, or as close to as possible. Then I'll be ready for normal sex. Think I'm going to try again with the first girl I lost it with (friends with benefits kind of deal), then see what happens with the other girl.

    On the whole, I'm feeling awesome. I feel satisfied, healthy, confident. Really happy I did this. My balls are still aching, so I could probably do it again if I wanted. But figured it's a marathon, not a sprint, I'll keep it to 1 a day for now. Then once I'm confident that I'm "cured", I'll explore a little more after that.

    Thanks guys

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