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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Feb 9, 2019.

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    Hi @paruva mattram , i liked the idea, i will do the same starting today.
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  2. Good to hear @meloss. I would be glad to hear about your progress.
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  3. Iam feeling happy with my performance in these tasks. I could visualize myself planning for my life instead of moping around blaming fate and everything else!⚡️
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  4. 1 day of hard mode. No urges. Holding good. Focusing on tasks. I have picked up playing sudoku and its really helping on focusing.⚡️
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  5. Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune. But great minds rise above them. -Washington Irving.
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  6. From tomorrow, shifting my time to wake up at 4:00 am from 5:00 am. Iam feeling positive about this.⚡️
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    Keep it up and go easy. The goal is to have a lifestyle.
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  8. Today i thought i’d try taking cold shower and wow apart from removing the urge it also
    1. Helped me destress.
    2. Enabled me to focus on tasks at hand.
    3. And made me cheerful.
    Iam going to shower whenever iam feeling down⚡️
  9. Overcoming my urges, procastinating nature and distractions would mean that i have mastery over them. This hope is enough for me to strive forward.⚡️
  10. Hows your tasks going on. Any progress? I would like to hear about them...
  11. Positive thoughts help us to be happy and help us take result providing actions...
    I am feeling grateful for many things that i have forgotten for the last few years. Reminding myself of those things make me feel motivated and confident of myself. It is helping me from slipping into darkness, fear of failure, giving up on myself and PMO. I will remind myself daily for the things iam grateful for and fill those pleasant memories within my empty heart to feel whole again.
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  12. I can relate so much.
    Is that the flatline then? If so when does it normally appear, at approximately what days?
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  13. Subsconsciously hard-wiring happiness.
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    Awesome goals @paruva mattram ! I find waking up early (as long as I go to bed early enough) to be incredibly beneficial as I'm able to get a lot done before many people get started. Doing so provides me with a sense of accomplishment. As for cycling, or any exercise one chooses, you absolutely cannot go wrong.

    Keep us posted on your progress!
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  15. Back after five weeks, but didn’t stop my daily tasks.⚡️
  16. Woke up at 4 am today. Lot of work to do. Will complete them all.
  17. Sure. Thanks for your support.
  18. Whenever you get up early you feel like you are getting a head start on everyone and that feeling in itself is a rewarding feeling and boosts morale.
  19. I have started to channelize my focus and energy. From my relapses i have gained experience on how to avoid PMO and focus. I have to focus on a single goal and make it my sole purpose or reason for my existence. I am doing Constant remainders and reinforcement even as i type this post. I am happy to find such a goal and will use it as a gateway to escape this hell(PMO).
  20. Well back after a long break. Finally found a ray of hope two days ago to cling on to escape my addiction. For finding that reason i feel happy and it fuels me when Iam
    At the lowest. I think i can sustain my No PMO this time. Already 2 days completed. Proud of myself.
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