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  1. Hello fapstronauts!
    I don’t know if it will be a motivation, but struggle for a month of no PMO.
    A month acts as a psychological landmark and it reinforces our goal.

    From my experience let me tell you, If you follow no PMO for a month, you will have enough mental forte to withstand any urge…..provided you stop watching porn.

    Iam literally experiencing this bliss of controlling my urge that i get more dopamine from my controlling act rather than fapping.

    Just a food for thought.
  2. Its been 41 days since my streak and i gotta say……its going GOOD.
    1. I can literally see my motivation levels going up.
    2. My concentration is in an all time high.
    3. I-am not at all depressed.

    I have to say….having a community has really helped me go through this. I don’t feel alone anymore as i continue my streak.

    I will continue with my endeavour.
  3. I am feeling as if i am floating. There is no struggle to control my urges. I am in control. The feeling of being in control is exhilarating.

    I feel as if i have been released from a curse.
    No more self-hatred.
    Lots of confidence.
    High concentration.
    Being in control.
  4. Its been 50 days. I am happy. Looking forward for 100.
  5. Finally 60 days!…..
    Well, the last couple of days i was down with seasonal flu…it sucked but helped with no PMO. I am happy with the progress of my streak.
  6. komunikilanu

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    Hi, I hope you're doing good. Could you tell what your routine is?
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  7. I struggled for SIX DAMN YEARS before this current streak. I did PM atleast 3 or 4 times daily.
    My suggestion is to focus on one goal per month. In this area, You can’t focus on more than one goal at a time…in general.

    1. Month one- NO PORN. Try to fap using your imagination.

    2. Month two- fap every alternative days or two, three days. Your choice ( without porn).

    3. Month three- If you are religious, go make a pact with god. If you are atheist, use a coin jar for accountability. Like everyday of NO PMO, you drop few dollars or whatever money into it.

    In the third month you will likely fall quite a few times. No problem. Try to abstain as much possible. Bring the fap count to a minimum number.

    4. Month four- The real struggle- complete abstinence of PMO.

    This was my plan. Month three is a trial period. Try to abstain, but its ok if you fail occasionally. But during the three month period—NO PORN.

    The first step is to make ourself wean off porn.

    Gradually developing will power. You can’t drop everything immediately.

    PMO IS ADDICTION. No de-addiction plan is abrupt. So follow the steps.

    This is tough if you are staying alone (like me).
    But if you are around people it is easier.
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  8. I was not active in this forum for a few weeks. I had a major exam and i was stressed. Before my current streak, i would have fapped like 5 times a day and had my energy drained.

    This time, same exam, same stress, however due to NoFap, i was able to keep a level head and navigated my stress. I did the exams well too and i am eagerly anticipating the results.

    Guys, let me tell one thing, if any person says that NoFap is waste and that its not healthy blah blah blah….just laugh derisively at them. Fuck them for demotivating you.

    Continue or start your streak and achieve Victory.
  9. Finally…..90 days….3 months of NoFap. More focused and active.
    Can’t wait for NoFap november.
  10. I do not really agree with weaning yourself off of PMO, this is something you really need to go cold turkey with, I did it once for 4 months so I know it can be done, and also for fellow Christians never make a pact with God.
  11. All i am saying is that it worked for me. Its upto the individual to try what works the best for them.

    Also i DON’T have any vested interest in trying to spread my method, say acting like a coach and charging money. Just try this if you want to. Thats it.

    I don’t get your statement about christians and God.
    All i am saying is that if you are religious, use it as an accountability tool. Thats it.
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  12. The number one issue in fapping is porn addiction.

    Before you leave your fapping habit, you must first control the urge to watch porn.

    Make your fapping not dependent on porn, but on your fantasy.

    Your orgasm has an external locus of control due to porn. Make it internal.

    Its like a person from the screen has a collar to your penis and pleasure.
    Sever that connection.

    In the link below i have given a detailed schedule.
    This worked for me. I don’t have any vested interest in spreading my method. Try it if you want to.


    In any de-addiction programme, the addicts are gradually weaned of their drug usage. Same goes for porn and fap addiction.
  13. No nut november going good so far. Also 100 days of NOFAP.

    Wow. I can’t believe myself. 6 years of struggle.
    I used to dream of this situation, yearn for it. Now it is a reality.
    Motivated to make the NNN a success.
  14. Amazing. Its been 156 days since starting this streak. It has become normal nowadays. I have been peppy and happy for these past months. My mind has never been this clear since 2015. I am finally free.
  15. This new year! Hope begins and blooms for my life and career. I wish everyone success and happiness. Bye my fellow fapstronauts.

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