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  1. Be serious

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    Hello fighters, how are you doing? from now on I will share my sucess and failure in the battle against porn. I am 21 years old and I have been addicted to porn for 9 years. I want to change and be a better person. I will not give up untill death. Please help me achive my goal and yours too. Starting from today I will post my routine in here. Today I will start as day 1. I didn't do much today and I have nothing to post, but I will make sure to come back tomorrow.
  2. Be serious

    Be serious Fapstronaut

    Here I am in day 3. Time flows without us realizing it. We got to do something better than watching porn with our time. Today, I could have watched porn. Even right now, I can watch, but what is the outcome? Is it worth of our time, energy, spirit? Not really. This is difficult for me but, I got to stick with it. I am also afraid because I am not so sure about myself. What if I watch now? I will be doomed. I want your help. Lets fight together!!!
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  3. Be serious

    Be serious Fapstronaut

    Hello fighters! I am feeling depressed, and a lot of things in my head. But I need to continue until the end of the road. I sometimes think like if porn should be controlled in the internet like the Psites require accounts to watch, we could make a progress quickly. But there is a lot of profit gained from our loss and that is sad.
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  4. Be serious

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    Hello guys, I will continue to update my status in here. Last night, I watched p for more than 4 hours and when I woke up, I lost some weight. Then, I planned to stay away not only from masturbation, but also from porn. It is the gate way to masturbate and I did not completely blocked porn on my device because I tried a lot of things and I found it is is impossible to block. But I have a choice not to visit P sites. Please help me out since I am struggling in here. I wish you all a great day.
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  5. Be serious

    Be serious Fapstronaut

    I can't believe I am on day 6. But I am feeling lazy and I don't have that much motivation to do things. I hope I will get better this month if I continue my journey in here.
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  6. All the best bro. You can do it. You havr to believe.
    be serious about this. This is the start of an urge.come back to motivation and self improvement. I am also suffering from laziness. It's a trick by the brain
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  7. Be serious

    Be serious Fapstronaut

    You are right bro. But I just watched porn because of crazy thoughts in my mind and watching is a relapse for this current goal. Man this shit is consuming my life!
  8. Be serious

    Be serious Fapstronaut

    I am completely messed up right now. I shouldn't have seen or think about watching porn like 3 days ago. I tell myself "Just for 20 min" and that led me to 2 hours of watching porn. The next day I was doing the same crazy things. But, today is the biggest mistake I have made. I watched p and also I M. I lost my streak of 1 month and 7 days free from M. I can't do nothing for what I have already done, but I should have really do something else. I became lazy, and stop posting in my journal etc...and that led me to my failure. I have learned my lesson now, and I will do this things DAILY!

    3 GO TO LIBRARY UNTILL 2:00PM (This is the one thing I MUST do. If I came home early I will mess myself)

    I must not relapse before a period of 2 months. I would gladly accept any advice from you.
  9. DayOne44

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    @A l man me

    You've identified the problem, which is the same for many of us.

    I myself have been neglectful of working at the NoFap program, and with expected consequences.

    I've been deceived by the days I've gone along without any thought of PMO.

    Those easy times fool me into forgetting about this problem and into thinking that it was completely passed.

    Then, the urge hits suddenly, and I'm unprepared to deal with it.

    We must be vigilant minute to minute always.
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  10. Be serious

    Be serious Fapstronaut

    Actually, there was not that much of urges for me because of PIED, but I just don't have some escape strategies from porn. Man for the next 2 months, I will stick to the above program and I will call it a relapse if I couldn't avoid
    1 Touching D
    2 watching P
    How is it going on for you ?
  11. DayOne44

    DayOne44 Fapstronaut

    Honestly, not very well at this time.

    After all my posts on NoFap over the past few years, I am feeling like both a failure and a big hypocrite writing here now.

    At the moment, I am feeling awfully washed out, disgusted, and depressed after wasting the entire morning.

    Again, I am at "0."

    I looked over your posts in this thread and found what you wrote on Dec. 16 to be so very true.

    Time is a limited quantity, and much of my distress is because of the hours and days I've wasted in PMO.

    You said on Feb. 24 that you had spent more that 4 hours watching P the night before.

    I've also spent hours on end like that watching and edging to exhaustion.

    No! And, that is a huge part of the problem.

    There are many tasks I must complete and many parts of my life I must develop.

    PMO is taking the time I have to work toward those things.

    I know that I am not getting any younger, even though my younger urges are still very strong.

    It's amazing how I can become engrossed in porn for hours.

    I am utterly discouraged to look at the late afternoon hour now and think of what else I could have done with those 3+ hours this morning.

    I will never be a "great man" or even be really "successful," but I could become better than this.

    If I could only become entranced in the same way by constructive activities, I could accomplish so much more.

    To fully concentrate on something intellectual or productive for 3-4 hours straight would be a huge advance.

    Time is now my main focus of concern about PMO.

    Porn consumes my time and depletes me.

    My effort is to move all of the time I spend in porn to worthwhile things.

    There are still hours left in this day.

    I have a list of projects around the house which should make me feel a little better about myself.

    If I finish enough of those, today will not have been a total loss.
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  12. Be serious

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    I really feel you brother because I am in the same boat as you are. I am also annoyed like if we watch porn, then the next activity that you will do may not also be effective as it is used to be. (Sometimes my english may be weird for you cause it is my second language) I truly hope for all of us to be successful.
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  13. Be serious

    Be serious Fapstronaut

    Day 2
    Just another boring day for me. I feel anxious when I am with my family or when I am in class. There is no urges today, but here we are on another feelingless day.
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  14. Be serious

    Be serious Fapstronaut

    Day 3 (Anxious feeling a little bit gone)
    Today, I completed my day 3 and day 4 is loading. I am feeling no-thing and I am planning to just watch a movie until I reach day 5, then I would follow my plans like doing exercise and so on. But I can't do those things right now because I have no motivation. Waiting for day 4.
  15. Be serious

    Be serious Fapstronaut

    Day 4 (no urges, temptation and motivation)
    I completed day 4, but as the pervious days, I am just wasting my time. I have no plan for what I am going to do through out the day. I hope I do something on day 5. see you on next day...
  16. Be serious

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    Day 5
    Another day that passed without nothing productive. I am too tired and lazy to do anything, I said I will do what I plan to do, but maybe I will do that tomorrow. I am determined to reach 90 days this time whatever it takes!
  17. Be serious

    Be serious Fapstronaut

    Day 6 (Why I am feeling depressed?)
    I completed my day 6. Today, I didn't spend a lot of time watching a movie, rather I met my friend because he needed me. The depression is still there, but it is better today. There are 84 days left to reach 90 days. I will make sure to reach 90 days this time!
  18. Be serious

    Be serious Fapstronaut

    Day 7

    My mood is still the same, but I need to be careful starting from now. There were some urges earlier this morning, and I would wake up early from now on. I would do my assignments and after that, I will watch a movie or take a walk. See you tomorrow!
  19. Be serious

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    Day 8
    I am a little bit disappointed by myself because I was seeing pics on reddit for about 10 min, and I realized what the fuck I am doing. I stopped looking at it. This happened last night. Today, I didn't wake up early and I was not that much productive. I think I should be extra careful from now on. That is all for what happened on day 8. I really want to reach 90 days and I cant give up my life to PMO. I will be back to post tomorrow!
  20. Be serious

    Be serious Fapstronaut

    Day 9 completed. Day 10 loading...

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