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    Yes guys you heard it right i made it .This is the most beautiful thing i have ever done inmy life .Let me first share my stories then i will give you some suggestion to make your life awesome .
    Month back i decided to quit PMO completely ,earlier also i tried a lot but every time i failed .In fact i have been trying for last 2-3 years to get rid of this but every time i failed .

    Why I left PMO ?
    Truly saying after Masturbating i feel too downmarket ,since sudden release of dopamine during masturbation make you happy but just after masturbation you feel like completely down earth .The whole days go with such a regret that i would not be able to concentrate on anything .After PMO addiction all my view point got changed toward girls ,I always see them with wrong way .
    Then i started this journey of leaving PMO out of my life .I told my mind i won't watch porn nor i see any girl while walking .And believe me guys it becomes tougher and tougher each passing day and after 20 days i was like now i can't do anymore and i opened porn site but back in my mind i was thinking i have reached so far in my journey, if i did it i would have go back to day 0 so without watching anything i just closed the tab .Some of the things i observed during PMO addiction
    1. I felt much less energey
    2. No motivation to do anything
    3. Used to be much serious guy ,earlier i used to laugh a lot
    4. I needed hell lot of motivation to do anything on contrary before PMO i used to motivate other people
    5. View point towards world changed .I constantly used to blame everyone , i see negative every where and in every one
    6. I could not have been able to concentrate
    7. I had had a lot of pimples on my face
    8. No willpower
    9. All my innovative mind were gone etc etc
    How did I start my journey ?
    • First of all i read a lot of novels regarding personal mastery like The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma .This novel is the best novel i have ever read.Guys just read it twice and this will change your life forever .My favorite novel
    • Power of Habit - why do we do what we do and how to change .This novel is also awesome which makes my understanding about how habit forms ,work and how to change it .
    • Who Moved my Cheese .This novel made me understands change is fundamental .If you want to live to your life fullest just change yourself quickly if you are not happy with present situation .
    • This is not your Story by savi sharma .This is the first novel of my life that i have read completely .This novel is about fulfilling your dreams .I strongly suggest you to read it first if you don't like reading .It is written in very simple language and you will surely love it.After reading this you will feel motivated to read other novel .
    I also read other novels like Jonathan Livingston Seagull- A story ,little black book for stunning success by Robin Sharma etc etc but the above 4 book would suffice .

    After 30 days
    • Feeling more energy
    • Motivated to do anything in face started doing a lot of things
    • Will power has increased a lot
    • More positivity
    • Concentration improved a lot
    • Laugh a lot
    • Enjoy little little things
    • 2-3 pimples only in 30 days ,earlier daily 2-3 pimple used to appear
    • Face now started glowing etc
    Although it would take around 90 days to completely recovery but now i have decided i wont watch porn for life time and i strongly suggest you guys to get out of this and see how beautiful the world is .
    Whenever i felt low during my journey i used to watch some motivational videos and search for benefits of NoFap and read success stories in Nofap forum.This motivated me and now after 30 days urges do not come so now i will be able to get rid of this for life .
    Thanks to nofap community to help me ,motivate me .Just do it guys you only can change our life .Start now see Investment in Yourself is the best investment you will ever do .I will keep updating my thread.
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  2. Congrats on your 30 days streak!! Thanks for sharing!!
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    You sure took your time to write down all the details of your journey.
    Appreciate it from me and the nofapfamily.
    Keep going never stop never give up
    Stay strong
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