Journey to the Unknown (pt 2)....Married & Alone

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    So, to raise children well... Men need to be a partner /with their partner & not porn... Because investing well in the marriage helps make a happy & healthy home for child rearing. It's science.

    Edit... Not my opinion I'm just quoting
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    Food for thought -
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    Red table talk on FB today was on porn... Was .... Interesting
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    "when you throw dirt, you lose ground" - southern proverb
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    So begins summer....
    And all the things that come with it.
    I hope everyone out there is vigilant and well, I know this is a tough time for many.
    This year I am grateful to be where I am at, although this year has been very difficult for me personally.
    As of this moment....
    My kids are healthy and the sun is actually shining, which is all I can really ask for.
    My husbands sobriety birthday is around the corner and we are moving twords another year.... But because it's June, I always stop and think about how we made it here.
    I hope no matter where everyone is on their journey, they aren't riding backwards.
    As long as you are moving forward, even a little bit, you aren't stagnant in recovery.
    "Keep moving forward" - Walt Disney
    And remember, you are the author of your story, if you don't like something, pick up the pen and change it.

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    Perfectly put <3 I hope your doing ok friend

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