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    Hey everyone,
    I am writing this answer just relapsing after 7 days(the longest ever). Here I will be telling pointwise what I feel during those 7 days and the reason for relapsing.
    • Mark my point, you will feel the energy inside your body and this energy need to be consumed somewhere.
    • The Journey will be going to be tough, you need to focus on your goal and tell you that your focus will be increased immensely but give it the right direction.
    • Your mental clarity will be improved a lot and I am sure about that because my study increased during those days.
    • Now I relapsed because I watched P**N due to the urges. But I could have countered them by just sitting in the other room where all the family members are sitting.
    • Another reason is the first time I have gathered this much energy and because of injury in my hand, I didn't workout effectively which results in relapse.
    Now I am gonna take this more forward and this time target will be at least 14 days...
  2. palindromo

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    Please, start studying carefully what's happening in your mind >

    First time without porn will be stressful , but if you resist , in some months you will feel reborn.

    If the first times a person relapse easly, it's okay.
    The streaks becomes even longer , day by day.
    Don't porn anymore, it's better to struggle and at the last to relapse than to look at porn.
    No more instagram pictures of models. No more erotic imagines , erotic stories or erotic asmr.
    If you experience ''flatline'' and low libido , resist.
    We should improve in all area of our life, just being dissatisfied or stressed makes us relapse.

    An effective weapon to overcome urges and thoughts : mindfulness.
    The brain will try to win you and to get some triggers for the seek of dopamine. Resist
  3. Hello there... :)
    Welcome to the community :)


    I hope you find the strength and discipline to succeed with your self improvement goals. Good Luck! :)

  4. Will achieve

    Will achieve Fapstronaut

    Hii everyone. I hope everyone is doing good.
    I am getting so many urges right now that's why I come here so that these all urges can be overcome. I feel it is the best way because when you are writing here you feel yourself to be very responsible and a very precious member of this community. This makes you feel proud that you are among the people who want to change their life and live it in the fullest way possible.

    After this little much my urges are now over and I am going back to do my work.
    I am really thankful to this community and the people.

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