JPN male: Tips for running support groups, online or offline?(日本語メッセージ付)

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    Hey guys, this is a long post but my main question is in the title, and I've added a tl;dr at the bottom, followed by a message to my Japanese comrades. 一番下に日本の方向けのメッセージを追加しました!

    I'm a Japanese male, and I've been struggling with PMO for over a decade. Although having joined Nofap 3 years ago, I am only beginning to realize the benefits of actively being part of this strong community. I'm still early in recovery and can't jump to conclusions, but I'm hopeful that connection is the key to recovery.

    For this reason, it's heartbreaking to see the lack of Japansese brothers and sisters here, as well as the apparent absence of a "Japanese Nofap". I think a huge factor is the language barrier: English is the dominating language in this community and other reliable sources. (Before I go on it would be awesome if someone stopped me and proved me wrong, that there is indeed a population or community of Japanese speakers. That cannot make me any happier.)

    This situation has been addressed by a couple of independent Japanese bloggers, for example this guy who asked Nofap if he could translate and distribute the "Getting Started" manual but was rejected, for fair reasons as I understand.(The article is in Japanese).

    I used to believe that I don't have the right to actively support others until I've fully recovered myself, but now I'm willing to test the theory that forming a support network is actually what will help me through the recovery process. Therefore I've decided to make it my goal to start a support group for Japanese speakers, maybe online maybe offline.

    I am new this stuff, so I any kind of advice is appreciated. Maybe you have experience in running groups, building websites, or just interested in joining a group. Any feedback is welcome.

    I also want to ask the staff if you have endeavors to further raise the accessibility of this community for non-English speakers, by for example translating your manual or the website to other languages. I am aware of the non-English section which I think is a great start. Thanks :)

    Take care guys, I'm really grateful for the support.

    Think that there may be a lack of movement/community on PMO recovery in Japan, therefore planning to build a support group for Japanese speakers. I'm new to running support groups so any tips or opinions are welcome. Also wondering if Nofap is planning further international expansion.

    はじめまして、Zen Physicsです。このサイトに3年前から投稿している24才男性です。

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    I'm hoping I can move on to offline meetups once I find enough willing participants, but you're right opening a group here is definitely the place to start.

    Thank you for the support @kammaSati, I wish you luck on your journey too :)
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    Just pasting a link to the Japanese thread in the international section. See you guys there!
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