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    Okay, Hi. It's me.
    About me. I am from India. Already completed 29 years of my life. I started thinking about Sex from about 10-12 years of age due to some reasons and at 13, started masturbating.
    Due to several reasons, started watching porn and masturbate from the age of 16 and still doing it, wasting my time. I have already promised myself several times to stop, but couldn't yet stopped.
    After watching porn and masturbating, I always thought that I just wasted my time and I would never do that again, but few days later, again do the same, waste my precious time for hours.

    I had actually stopped from these porn videos and masturbation activities from 2009 to 2011, but again, I couldn't control anymore and started watching them again and masturbate and still doing it. Now-a-days, whenever I see a beautiful girl in any intimate scene in TV or even when I walk down the road, I thought of how would she look naked. I am trying my best to refrain myself, but these always come up in my mind. Many hours of each day of my life are being wasted due to these stupid thoughts which seems like trying their best to control myself.

    Sometimes, I watch Lesbian, very few times watch Gay, but mostly watch heterosexual, and most of them are, I think, Indian homemade, uploaded by the users themselves online.

    I had again this urge to watch today, but I just wanted to know whether it's a bad habit, and searched it and found several bad consequences of this habit and while browsing, somewhere someone suggested about this site, and here I am, my first post, which I think, might not be the best or worst.

    Hope for the Best.

    Thanks everyone.
  2. It's fine bhai. Self-acceptance is the key.

    But you don't look really serious about quitting. Why are you doing this? What's your plan? How do you plan to keep yourself occupied each moment? What are the habits you plan to take up? How do you plan to use this site? What are the goals that would push you to become better? What would you do when urge shows up?

    And yeah it's a bad habit. Your dick is there to make a new child and to have sex with real world ladies, not to lose your vital energy to pixels seeing a random guy making out with a random girl who would be always out of your reach. It's not made to be beaten each day. And porn is disgusting, fake, illusionary and not meant for real men. You only see the top layer. Have you ever thought about girls who have been shot on the camera without their consent and knowledge? Can you imagine someone from your family being into this and someone else jacking off to that? (No one can bhai, it's just some perspective)

    Bhai the pleasure is amazing but it's addictive and temporary and there would be a price to pay for sure. On the other hand, joy is permanent and a bliss. All the best :)
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    Welcome, brother. Please read the getting started guide and you can follow some youtube channels of some coach
    1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbqaPKeiNW6R6LECHwQkRug
    2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAruK_6smiBJLrVcAR0HWSw
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    I know, but...
    After writing my first post here, I again watched. I simply couldn't resist.
    But, after watching, I kind of felt bad and hence I have also decided to stop doing this once and for all.
    I mean, I have once again decided to stop watching these. Because, these things are diverting me and eating up my precious time.
    Thanks for your kind reply.
  5. Ind29

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    Thanks for your kind guidance.
    I have already stopped watching wef July 16th 2018 and I am sure I am sticking to it, 'cause I have to utilize my time in constructive ways. I know, I am addicted. So, there will be an urge to watch again. But, I would do my best to resist. If the urge would be too powerful to control, than all of you are there to help me.
    Thanks again.
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