Just completed 30 days again.

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  1. After I relapsed 2 months ago, I single-handedly destroyed a 164 day streak without porn. Since, I relapsed I stopped giving a fuck about nofap, or trying to stop watching porn. I genuinely felt like porn was not a big deal and watched it here and there. The longest streak i had after my relapse was 14 days, and I relapsed again.

    I felt guilty for watching porn not because of my conscience but because of my girlfriend. When I started my noFap journey my girlfriend supported me every step of the way, and every time I relapsed she felt disappointed in all the progress that I made.

    I know how happy I felt when I gave up porn. It seemed so many areas in my life had improved and I didn't want to give up. After my last relapse, I made a goal to keep going again and I knew after I hit 30 days I would get the ball in my court again.

    Well 2 days ago, I hit 30 days and I felt fucking great. If this journey taught me anything is that setbacks, failure and relapses are inevitable in quitting this addiction.

    Back in the day, I made a bold statement that I would never watch porn, I can't say that I will never watch porn again since I can't predict the future but I know that the bad that comes with this addiction outweighs all the good. With that mindset, I just take it one day at a time until one day I know I will break my original 164 day streak.

    The ultimate goal is to get to day 365 without porn.

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    I've always thought that if you are able to hit 30 days that means you are getting the hand of it and you are doing things right.
    Similar thing happened to me when I thought that watching porn every now and then would not have any serious consequences. It has. Little by little you start allowing yourself watching more and more. It's not worth it. Keep strong brother
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  3. thanks man!
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  4. 30 days is like completing the first lap! it's a big deal.
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  5. thats huge man, seriously, don't let a girl or p or a bad habit get in the way of your life journey, its not worth it,
    nothing is, the first 30 days are the hardest, and you did that so thats awesome, hang in there and the view will be worth the upward climb!
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  6. Thanks man
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    I relapsed too. Glad you picked yourself up. Keep it up and let the pain burn and feel it. One day we all know we are all walking on the roof of hell.
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    Inspirational to know that you ain't quitter bro. Loving your determination combined with your honest assessment about this horrid addiction; it will always linger. Continue with that warrior spirit and you be fine brother
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  9. it's easy to quit and go back to what I know. But I know how life is better without porn. The initial relapses made me realize that I had to fail in order to appreciate life without porn. Because, watching porn didn't make me feel that much better either. The sweet isn't as sweet without the sour. That's the truth.

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