Just completed 90 days - here's my Top 10 Tip List

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by scottfree, Jan 2, 2015.

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    all people have such yearning for the intimacy only sexual powers can create, this is the 'love' they seek. People usually bond with their mate with sex, but obviously higher beings can bond in this way without actual intercourse. That is the real purpose of the universe, what other purpose could there be. ourselves are defined by how we are viewed and perceived by others. how the external universe views us is what we really are, or at least creates the pieces of the totality of what we are. We obviously can feel how people view us externally, we sense it and this makes us feel horrible or great.

    avoiding flapping obviously gives you greater sexual powers but you can still use those powers for evil which in the end can do bad to your soul but power is usually a good thing, but you will surely gain enlightenment and greater control over your thoughts which will obviously make you do the right thing, whatever you perceive the right thing to be.
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    So, what I'm hearing here is that we ought not compartmentalized ourselves.
    That if we try to become unified person through a connection to the spirit then we will do better with NoFap
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    Great bro great
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    Many thanks, scottfree, I have enjoyed reading through this thread tremendously and feel that I am going to benefit greatly from your sharing and the information and links you provide. Very inspiring, indeed! As we often say in another fellowship, I want what you got. I know that I will return to reread and gain strength and inspiration. My higher self will see that I do! :)
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    Thank you for sharing this :)
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    Day 186 Check In

    Dear Sisters and brothers,

    It has been awhile since I checked in on my “Success Story” thread, but I do want to relate that I have completed six months. My mind set has changed considerably since six months ago, although I do have some moments that have thrown me back into a highly sexualized state. During those times I become vigilant, but honestly my mind is much more regulated and calm in terms of NoFap. I simply to not have the urge to masturbate or to have an orgasm, and this is a completely different mindset than the past. I also have felt less of a need to post on this thread. These posts were as much for personal inspiration as to share some positive and empowering thoughts and concepts to the reader on the NoFap journey.

    One note - I don't think this is a 90 day re-boot. I think six months is about the time it takes to feel confident in your pattens and changes. But, you will definitely feel changes even after three weeks!

    I am continuing to check my email, so please continue to reach out if you would like to connect with me.

    I’d like to thank my Spiritual Guide, my family, and all my brothers and sisters out there who have supported me on my journey – even if they did not realize they were helping me.

    God bless. SF
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    Thanks for share it!! Keep going!! :)
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    For Those of You That Are Struggling...

    What you are going through is part of the healing - if you treat it like that. What you need to do is to go through the basics and start fresh:

    - Read through these posts on NoFap.

    - Make a list of what you are going to do.

    - Do you have a daily chart of progress?

    - Can you put blockers on the sites you have issues with?

    - Can you make the rule that you don't touch yourself and actually fall asleep with your hands near your head when needed?

    - Keep exercising.

    - Pick yourself up.

    You soul wants this -- and this is why you are feeling down. You no longer accept that you can live this way. So, there is really only one option left, which is to progress. As Taylor Swift would say, "Shake it Off." What is your plan of attack? A “gihad” is really an internal struggle not external. It is with the self. What is your plan?

    The end game is something like this -- and I'm still figuring it out and I'm no expert:

    - After several months, we forget that masturbation and edging was even an issue. It is not part of our repertoire of thoughts and activities. As a kid I watched Sesame Street on TV (in the USA) but now it doesn't really benefit me, so I don't think about it.

    - At times I am full of sexual energy. That's fine. Sometimes I am not and that is fine too. That is part of life. I like both feelings and they are normal.

    - I still have porn blockers on my site, because I don't invite that material into my life.

    - Life has its ups and downs and is a challenge. I have more balance to focus on life rather than be caught up in the whirlpool of continuous high-octane sexual thought and lust.

    One last thought on this post - when you change for the better, everyone around you benefits. Experiment with that.

    Best to all. SF
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    Your words are dynamite. I want to destroy PMO and take my life to extraordinary heights.
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    I really really liked this post. Its crystal clear. Thank you so much.
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    This is really good advice. Thank you.
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    Thanks for sharing!!! congrats!!! KEEP IT UP Brother!!!
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    Wow, I didn't think anyone was still following this thread. Welcome, Tim!
    I'm on Day 26 and feeling strong. My longest streak was 125 around the beginning of this year. ScottFree is a very valuable person. Maybe he will read this too..
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    Well done friend. I'm very happy for your success!
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    Thanks a lot for the post. I am about your age and have been pleasuring myself since my early teens.
    The internet mad it so ridiculously easy and accessible that it became a real substitute for the real thing.
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    Im on day 6 PMO and really very horny. One of my challenges is that I love feet and feet are everywhere! so there are triggers all around me that the average PMO addict does not have to content with; regardless... I'm here for the long haul but this is anything but easy. Thank you very much for the sage advice. I wish I had an accountability partner.
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  18. This is phenomenal to say the least. Congrats and I hope you did something great to reward yourself son :)
    You have inspired me a lot
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    I too am triggered by feet. I wish this wasn't the case, but it is. The good news for me, I don't believe I have a fetish for feet. I don't have an urge to lick, sniff or kiss on feet, nor do I need feet to achieve an erection. But they are a trigger for me. I've learned to control it, but can't help what turns me on.
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    I can relate entirely. To make matters worse, I have a thing for tights/hosiery. It's like a one-two trigger punch. In the summer, feet are everywhere. In the winter, women break out the tights. It's like the universe is playing a huge prank on me.
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