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Just completed 90 days - here's my Top 10 Tip List

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by scottfree, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. MemeGentleman

    MemeGentleman New Fapstronaut

    I go nuts for feet, and its so hard to abstain when you have a foot fetish, I just started the program and im not sure how ill make it through, kinda nervous
  2. jtmony08

    jtmony08 Fapstronaut

    As I shared before, I have a foot fetish too. I absolutely believe you can make it. My approach has been to take this on like someone recovering from alcoholism. When I first started my journey, I avoided everything that triggered me...feet were just one of many and it took me a while to identify some of them. Eventually I got to a point where I could deal with those triggers, and some are no longer triggers. Back to my alcoholism example: I have friends who consider themselves alcoholics, but join us every other week for happy hour. They drink water or soda, but never alcohol. I'm not naive to believe I'll never see sexual images again. Our movies and television are filled with sexual images. I would like to get to a point where those things don't trigger me to PMO. For example, I binged TNT's Animal Kingdom this weekend. In it, there's a scene with a couple having sex and multiple images that use to trigger me. But this weekend, nothing. I can't remember who told me this, but I was told that you have to have real purpose for making this lifestyle change. If you're simply trying to avoid the day you'll look at porn again, you have a very high chance of failing. However, if you're changing your life, seeing porn will no longer be an issue for you. Your triggers will change. I still catch myself looking at a few toes. But it no longer has the same level of grip. Each relapse have grew me closer and closer to the change I'm striving for. Make sure yours do the same. Good luck.
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  3. Shaque118

    Shaque118 Fapstronaut

    How are you doing now ? Did you manage to keep off of PMO completely?

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