Just found out green tea hs caffeine :0

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    Not easy mam, have quite hectic schedule these days, a cup of coffee helps take a break. I am thinking about carrying juice with me in a flask. Might help reduce the coffee crave.
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    It's not easy no, but it's doable. I used to bring a large thermos and then people would get me coffee at work, and I eventually got do to pretty much nothing except for tea. You'll definitely get tired, irritable, snappy, and lethargic but there's nothing you can do except let it happen and let your brain return back to normal slowly.

    The juice should help, as long as you keep your mind occupied it'll eventually lose interest.
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  4. My general strategy is to avoid buying anything containing dairy. I don't care about "may contain dairy" and stuff like that. Sometimes when I'm out and about I'll eat things with dairy because it can be hard to avoid and I don't care enough at times lol
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    On the contrary i’m very fond of yogurt. Wont call it a breakfast unless have yogurt
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    I can't get enough of it, I love milk and cheese even though my stomach doesn't. I can't resist a good ol bowl of homemade butterchicken mac and cheese. :D
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    Not most ice cream or yoghurt. Some can, but most doesn't.

    Chocolate for example has caffeine, and so chocolate ice cream also has some caffeine, but we're literally talking like 3-4 milligrams. To put that in perspective, you probably wouldn't feel 25 milligrams of caffeine, whatsoever. So 3-4 is nothing, and not going to affect you if you're trying to quit caffeine. Not unless you eat like 30 bowls of ice cream. Non-chocolate icecream that isn't coffee ice-cream, has ZERO caffeine whatsoever.

    You would need to eat roughly around 33 large bowls of chocolate icecream to get the same level of caffeine as a single cup of coffee. You'd also have to eat them all at once, since caffeine has a very short duration, and if you ate them too slow you simply wouldn't get any effects.

    Some types of yoghurt contain caffeine but 99.99% of yoghurts don't. You'll know the ones that do because they're typically called like "coffee yoghurt" and stuff like that. Normal yoghurts do not contain any caffeine whatsoever.

    Green tea has caffeine, but you really need to drink a few cups of it to get the same levels as from a single cup of coffee, and they need to all be brewed strong. If you want even less caffeine, then re-use your teabags/tea leaves a few times. After the first wash, there should be little/no caffeine left in the leaves, but still plenty of flavour. The downside is you won't get much/any of the L-theanine or other chemicals the tea normally offers either.

    If you want to cut down on your caffeine consumption, then stop drinking coffee, or reduce the amount you use. You say you drink 3 cups of coffee a day. There you go. That's where all your caffeine is coming from.

    Let's say you drink 3 cups of coffee, 3 cups of green tea, have 3 yoghurts, and 3 bowls of chocolate ice-cream a day. This is what you'd get caffeine wise:

    - 3 standard cups of coffee: ~300mg of caffeine
    - 3 cups of green tea: ~100mg of caffeine
    - 3 yoghurts: 0mg of caffeine
    - 3 bowls of chocolate ice-cream: < 9-12mg of caffeine.

    Less than 3% of your caffeine would be coming from anything other than your coffee and tea. If you have less than 3 bowls of chocolate ice cream a day, it's even less than that. Removing that will have ABSOLUTELY zero effect on your caffeine intake, because < 12mg caffeine isn't even enough to produce any effects at all.

    If you want to reduce your caffeine intake, drink less coffee. If you switched all of your coffee to green tea, you'd consume 3x less caffeine each day. If you switched to green tea, and reduced it to 1x a day, or reused the same teabag 3x, you'd consume ~9x less caffeine per day.
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