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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Jacksta, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Jacksta

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    balanced, as in, moderation.
    I got flammed the living F*** off of this site last time for supporting it. literally crucified... so im not expecting ANY support whatsoever. But anyway, I still need the help like you guys do... im in this too, even if my approach is different.

    Im pretty sure ill just get SHIT on like crazy, but im willing to accept it. I go into detail about alot of things on my journal, and alot of things that ALOT OF YOU need help with. I support nofap, because 0 fapping and 0 porn use IS PROBOBLY FOR YOU!

    I do like feedback... mainly, SUPPORT! ... if you can think that outside the box and arent a religious if i touch my dick itll fall off, type.
    it gets more interesting in the 2nd/3rd posts and on, the first post is mainly my whole long story.
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  2. given you are promoting balanced pmo and the site is about NoFap / no pmo, i am not sure if its the right place

    but i guess some may take an interest

    all the best to you
  3. anewhope

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    Sorry to hear you were "literally crucified." That does seem like an over-reaction.
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  4. Jacksta

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    yea. your right. this site is about pure abstinence...

    *Does anyone know a forum good for general addiction? porn use? moderation thats not NoFap?

    Im totally throwing a wrench into this site with this blog and i dont wanna do that..
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    Also, from our About page: NoFap is not an anti-masturbation website. A clear majority of NoFap’s users and administrators alike agree that there’s nothing inherently wrong with masturbation. A small number of users may believe otherwise, perhaps due to their moral principles, but find NoFap’s broad-minded approach works better for them than the moralistic focus of “chastity” websites that dot the Internet. NoFap does not encourage lifelong abstinence from masturbation or sexual behavior. Rather, we encourage our users to abstain for a period of time for the duration of their reboots—typically around ninety days. While some abstain for longer periods of time—even for life—most of our users then return to masturbation having freed themselves of the need to use pornography. Our users choose what is healthiest for them and best serves their goals.
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    I'm sure alcoholics would love to be able to drink now and then but for me, I am an addict, I can't casually look at P. It has to be nothing for me. Thanks for the post thought. It's still interesting!
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  7. Third_Eye

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    Those people are just a bunch of sex-crazed animals, brainwashed by society and the media to have sex as much as possible.

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