Just got harassed.

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  1. Hasn't happened in years. Pretty funny actually. Gotta have a sense of humor about these things. Had a group of teens sexually harass me. One dude came up and asked if I was gay and wanted to fuck, and I turned him down, then this teenage girl came up and explicitly started talking about sex acts, and I turned her down as well due to her being jailbait (in all likelihood.) Still, it was a joke I know, but Jesus kids have twisted minds.
  2. It's part of the rite of passage to becoming young men and women now. You gotta sexually harass a dude.
  3. My God that is some father's daughter. I'm actually kinda depressed now. Somewhere out there a father is wondering where his girl is and she is harassing randoms at McDonalds. Or worse what if she was half serious? It just makes me sad.
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    shit, these teens need a slap in the face, dawg, sorry for hearing that.
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    To be honesti don't thinx this is sexual harassement its just some people who are direct about their intensions and asking you if you want to do something with them.

    They didn't touch you...

    Sorry its like if a girl is angry if you ask them out or flirt with them in a verry direct way
  6. You must not be from the states, but here, if someone sits directly across from you, and asks you to have sex, regardless of the gender, it's harassment and as one party was a male, he could have guessed that 90% of men are strait, and propositioning any man in a public place without confirmation is plain harassment. For the girl, she was just plain pornographic, and I don't like women like that.

    Heck if someone just SITS at your table, most Americans get REALLY uneasy. We aren't nearly as laissez faire about sex or our personal space.
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    Dude that totally sounds like a self-deluded reflection of something within.

    Maybe hit the bookstore instead of the gym these days, assuming you still aren't training at home.

    Not a gym hater just saying your name and this post combined with your age makes me think about more than your gym habits.

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    Kids are reflections of their parents btw.

    Not everyone is twisted.

    I don't judge if they are but porn also isn't helping parents raise kids...
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    Lol dude. You are receiving what was once inside of you.

    Consider it training.

    Be grateful. Grow. Change. Let it go. Ok I am done here.
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  10. Tell them you're offended! They'll stop
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    Well, at least take it as a compliment and also willpower, you had the morals to say "no"
  12. Something similar happened to me a few months ago. When you reject them they just don't get it. It's like they can't understand that some people don't just screw anything that moves. Our culture is psychotic.
  13. haha, that's great man. Got to smile at the ridiculousness of life.

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