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    Hi guys

    Long story short I did a lot of (heavy and soft) drugs last year and my head is still recovering from this. I also masturbated every day and eventually I quit my two jobs (I was a hard working motivated fella until my mental problems set in) and I fucked up the relationship with my parents somewhat. I always had a rough family, but since I got locked up three times last year and started using drugs, my mother has lost herself in panick (I still live at home) and my dad is okay with whatever I do which worries me even more.

    I started this year off good and got onto doing Nofap (failed a bunch of times) and my D is still recovering as well. I don't know if it's PIED, but it certainly isn't functioning fully which is a real problem since I have a girlfriend now for two weeks. I know she really wants to sleep with me and I'm ready for it too as I have never slept with a girl before. I don't use drugs anymore and have been off the PMO since 24 Januari. I have a job again, work out and will start boxing soon, so things are going up fast (except for my penis). Anyways, for me it feels really tricky to explain everything to my gf and see if we can sleep with eachother without me having orgasm. I'd appreciate some kind words or anyone who'd like a private conversation about pretty much anything with me. Thanks!
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  2. Welcome to the community. Read, learn and start making your plan.
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