Just had an ED with my girl

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by bayern12, May 12, 2018.

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    hello guys.
    i watched porn 3 days ago and relapsed. yesterday i had an ED with my girl. it was the first time that we tried to have sex. I feel so bad, really. I licked her pussy until she came. it was nice i liked it.

    guys im so fucking sad. Im taking nofap seriously now.
    i can compare myself to a smoker with got cancer.
    I must stop smoking.
    or else, the cancer will eat me alive.

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    Been in a similar place, don’t let it get the best of you keep kicking bro like you said it may eat u alive so stop while you’re ahead
  3. One question here. I have 0 experience with women. I fear a future ED (if one day I manage to get a gf which I don't believe). This question is very basic and stupid, sorry for my 0 experience.

    How ED works? Because, if I can't get it up because of anxiety performance (first time, low sefl esteem, ...) can't I get it up if I touch it?
    If I can get it up while masturbating, why can't I get it up if I masturbate during the sex?
    There are many stories of gay men that can get it up with a women (they imagined women as man). Is this really induced by porn or it is simply an anxiety thing?
  4. ED from porn is a very real thing. I first had it when I was 62 so it had nothing to do with performance anxiety. Nothing I did nor anything the girls did would get me hard, even though I could still get hard to porn.

    After not PMOing (masturbating to porn) for about 6 weeks, I was able to get it up with a woman.
  5. But if I can get it hard without porn, just by fantasizing with something, then I sould be able to get hard when near the girl by fantasizing with the same thing. If I can't do it is is because my brain knows that the girl is near and waiting for me to have an erection.

    I know that this is souding childish, but ED is something that I fear because I never had sex.

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