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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by 2080Future, Nov 7, 2021.

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    Again I broke another streak after just 1 week, this time with the addition of losing NNN, and once again it has been because of Twitter. In order for this to never happen again, I am going to do certain things:
    - NEVER, under any circumstance, turn off my P blocker. While it is effective while on, it relies on accessibility screen reading, which can be easily turned off and the blocker rendered useless. So from now on it's never off.
    - LIMIT my Twitter usage to less daily time, and keep blocking nsfw accounts and keeping the sensible material filter on.
    - CONTINUE my basic weight-lifting routine after restructuring it and REIMPLEMENT my morning routine.
    - GOING TO SLEEP earlier, my goal time is 12:00AM.
    - And obviously, NEVER PMO EVER AGAIN!!!!
    NNN may be over for me, but NNN is just a stupid challenge. If i stay consistent with the above rules, I can finish November without PMO, and then not PMO during the whole December, and then... continue not PMOing!!
    My name is _ and i don't masturbate. My name is _ and i don't watch porn.
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  2. I wish you success but honestly you will only burn yourself out if you set all these limitations, personally I cut some things out and just do whatever I want throughout my day, I do have some set rules like always brush my teeth even if I do not feel like it and bathe if needed, do not stay up super late if I know I have work, I try getting 7 hours minimum a night. Some things are off limits for me like alcohol, pmo, junk food, I know a small taste will make me crave the whole meal and by knowing my own limits I cut them off completely. Sounds to me like you are not willing to do what it takes to be free, to hell with twitter if it is causing you to stumble, get rid of it, get rid of anything keeping you enslaved, stop acting like this is some game! Who cares if you relapse after a month or even a year, that is still a hell of a lot of time you spent away from pmo, your brain is healed at that point even if you look at porn once, it is the downhill spiral people go down that takes them back to the bottoom.
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    Dude I lost too. But it doesn't mean that the race is over. You can do the rest of the month to get the 2nd place
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    Twitter was a big problem for me. I was on a good streak one time and I stumbled across the right post and there I was. i encourage you to think about how you really want to live your life and what you want to accomplish. Think on those things. When I done that, I immediately seen that PMO no longer had a place in my life.
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  5. I had a wet dream last night. Does this mean I lost NNN?
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    I think that if you have a wet dream it's not a problem for NNN or for the reboot in general, since it's involuntary and just the body throwing away old semen. However it can be a problem if when you wake up and realize you had a wet dream, you think "well I already O it doesn't matter if I watch some P or I masturbate now", there is the problem.
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  7. I fully agree with you. I can understand the point you're making because I was on such a point in my addiction.

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