Just made it to 90 days!

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  1. Today is the big day! Following 9 years of PMO addiction, I completed my first 90 day hardmode (well, monk mode technically) reboot ever! This honestly feels amazing, I'm in a daze. I know I'm not out of the woods and that I could still relapse in the future, but I feel happy about this accomplishment in it of itself. I'm grateful to God, my friends, and my mentors. I did experience some "super powers" like being more attractive to girls and having stronger, harder erections, and rewiring to be aroused by real physical intimacy with a girl instead of mental fantasy about unrealistic sex acts. However, I did not experience other "super powers" like cured depression, increased energy and enjoyment in life, etc. Maybe that is because these issues developed independently of the PMO addiction, so that is something I can work on now!
  2. Congratulations and good luck pal. You deserve a better life :)
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  3. Good for you pal. Now that the PMO has stopped you can concentrate on the underlying issues. Take care and good luck.
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  4. I guess 90 days is relatively early, so maybe you'll see more benefits in time. Great work so far!
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  5. GratifiedSlave

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    Great. Make this 90 to 365
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  6. Well done! Keep it up!!
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  7. ctr

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    Congrats and happy to hear. Hardmode works wonders and your post should be an inspiration to all.
    Keep it up and all the best to you.
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  8. I think you are right. I think more time of hardmode/monkmode and settling into a new routine will help improve the depression/energy issues!
  9. Angus McGyver

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    Congratulations man and try to keep it up!
    I have been on hard-mode (technically monk-mode) for almost 18 months now and it has dramatically changed my life, appearance and vibe to the better. This reboot might take another few years before I am biologically and spiritually healed (after the wounds that PMO left me with) but it will be worth the hard sacrifice you have to give in.
    For all of those out there who want to get the most benefits out of a reboot, going hard-mode for a prolonged period of time (1-2 years at least) is the God-given answer. Not will it only make you down-prioritize lust, sex and prevent you from getting hooked to the hyper-sexualized world around you (pursuing more important activities), it will also make you appreciate life in a totally different manner and slowly reconnect with the world, nature, animals and people around you.

    Women (and people in general) will no longer be objects who solely exist on a material level for the sole purpose to fulfill your selfish desires but actually be the whole, spiritual beings as God and nature intended them to be. This is probably the best and most valuable benefit you will ever gain from NoFap for sure.
    Another funny benefit I have exprienced over the past years is not only that more women have found me more attractive but even animals as well. The latter used to become scared and run far away when I approached them but nowadays, they seem to almost remain in the same spot, like they had nothing to fear. Animals, since they exist in their natural state, can pick up vibrations from other living beings (to know whether fleeing or fighting) and certainly so those from humans.
  10. I think I read a guy on here who said that dogs don't get aggressive with him anymore! Maybe they sense weakness..
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  11. Angus McGyver

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    I think they rather sense bad energy/vibrations since animals are quite hardwired to pick those up (in order to quickly assess the situation and either flee or fight). Their senses, behaviors and entire nature are also unpolluted when living wildly out in nature since they are (contrary to humans) unable to PMO.
  12. Apart from bonobo monkeys!
  13. Thanks for the insight, that is interesting! I do want to stay on this path and honor God and my values!
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  14. Captain!

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    Very nice. I do monk mode also, and grinded many days, everything is absolutely true especially the spiritual side. Indeed beneath this composition of organs lies a soul, a spirit, naked in sense of noble truth, whole, magnificent, overwhelmingly powerful, a universe within, peaceful and warm like stars in the night.
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  15. on_a_mission4truth

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    Go Griffin!
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  16. Congratulations buddy
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  17. Angus McGyver

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    Staying on the path will not only make you spiritually and mentally whole again, it will also shape you into a true titan, warrior, legionary (call it whatever you want) who have the strength, power and integrity to go against the twisted and polluted values of our time. Living in one of the most secularized and least collectivist countries on earth, I know how negatively this lack of spirituality, commitment, disconnection to nature (and reality), your ancestors and their wisdom affects people.
    Unfortunately, only people with these polluted souls are the only ones who can change themselves. All I can do is just praying for them and their (potential) future enlightenment. Aaron's blessing (Numbers 6:22-27) in Swedish:

    Herren välsigne eder
    och bevare eder.
    Herren låte sitt ansikte lysa över eder
    och vare eder nådig.
    Herren vände sitt ansikte till eder
    och give eder frid.
    I Faderns och Sonens och den helige Andens namn.
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  18. Dogwood

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    You're doing great. The missing piece is usually socializing with potential mates. Make sure you find a way to do that.
  19. the awakening

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    I did not experience other "super powers" like cured depression, increased energy and enjoyment in life, etc. Maybe that is because these issues developed independently of the PMO addiction, so that is something I can work on now![/QUOTE]
    Congrats, i envy you so much

    In regard of the increase energy, don't feel more productive ?

    And the depression, do you feel depressed ? Since when you are depressed?
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  20. LeHso

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    Passing the 3-months is a great achievement. Keep up the good work and never fall back.
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