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    11th May 2021
    Hello guys, I am 19 years old. I am using this platform to completely quit my porn addiction habits, these habits have drained me mentally an physically. To
    focus on my academics and live the true meaning of life it is must to quit these habits. Challenge are tough but when they are completed they are worth of being difficult. Positivity all around me, ready to fight depression and all the odds of negativity because nothing is impossible. I am promising and giving you the assurety that I will daily Post my thread and share my daily experiences. Started watching porn at an early age, at that time it did not harm me but till today it has changed and controlled my mind. Enough can't live such a life any more, improving it to my happiest level.
    Never Give Up
    Stay safe
    Be positive and be ready to fight all the odds
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  3. That's the damn spirit!! You are awesome, dude!

    Good god, I love reading that! You are an inspiration!

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