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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by klahhh, Jan 3, 2014.

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    Hi everyone just registered today. I use to follow the reddit sub nofap but it got blocked at work being labeled "explicit material" but this site isn't blocked which is a good thing. I have been struggling kind of passively with porn for a while now 15+ years but in the last couple of months that I've joined the forum and started to participate I've found it really helpful. It seems I've been dealing more with a belief issue than a sexual one. I really believed poreless human beings were beautiful, my belief of what shapes where beautiful in a women were all screwed up. My beliefs of what sexual practices were most desirable were all screwed up as well. The list does go on but the freedom of it all is that they are simply beliefs so that by God's grace when I started challenging those beliefs the desires slowly started to disappear.

    Lastly, it's been all or nothing for me, I've had to fully engage myself in life even the slow and boring days, the rainy and snowed in days, but I've grateful to have a wonderful wife and a child so i'm never really alone unless I want to be. Which brings me to another strange point. I'm originally from Africa and people are never alone back home. Really, they're never alone enough to develop any sexual desire not consistent with reality and with what a women would like. I believe this is the core challenge with PMO it is a world that manufactured by every individual, a perfect world that only accommodates the inventor but one that no one else can fit into. This is the dilemma, this is the challenge, this is the battle.
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    I've just registered an new account by today and tried 3 times to post, if I get rejected another time I'll leave this community because I believe some kind of people are not wanted in here. but it would be strange. so come on fellows, just publish my first post ^^; :/ :)
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    Chill. I'm the only moderator, and I have a life. It's nothing to do with you personally.
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    Hi! Just wishing you all the very best.

    You CAN do this and there's plenty of information, help, and advice here and healthy balance of perspectives so help and be helped just by making an honest contribution.

    Anything I suggest below is precisely that, a suggestion, this is YOUR journey and it goes without saying that you are free to proceed in whatever way helps you stop and STAY stopped (even though I just said it!!;))

    You are stronger than you know!! Please visit this link...


    ...and please take some time to help yourself and to consider how you are going to set about reaching your fullest potential from here on, which is a CHOICE only YOU can make and a journey only YOU can take.

    It's worth mentioning that I hear a lot of people refer to the struggle/fight/battle etc, but it REALLY doesn't have to be that way(not unless you want to get in your OWN way?!?!)... http://www.nofap.org/forum/showthrea...ay-of-Harmony:)

    So stay strong, help and be helped, and keep going!http://www.nofap.org/forum/showthrea...60-Keep-going:)

    Now here's a refreshing 'change'...http://www.thepeoplesvoice.tv/about

    The counter below has been helping me to establish a new habit. It is not a trophy. I simply decided to completely disassociate from pornography because I finally woke up to it and the damage it causes on so many levels and I encourage you to explore this deeper for yourself. I already KNOW that I will NOT be looking at pornography EVER again. Wishing you all the very best in all areas of your life...

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