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  1. Hi all, I’m gonna be turning 19 this week and have been thinking about making some changes. My brother recommended this site to me- I’m not too badly addicted to porn but the amount I’ve gotten it in my life has started to be destructive. Same goes for masturbation- I use these things to avoid embracing my life and improving it, and to escape when things are overwhelming. But of course that sets me back even further..

    So anyway, I’m looking to rewire my mind and body away from the addictive pursuits of porn and unhealthy/extreme masturbation. I hope this is the right move, and I’ll eventually reset not just these particular destructive behaviors, but also my overall life in general. Really glad this forum is here and I’m not alone in this. Let’s go, 90 days PMO.
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  2. Hello and welcome! You’ve made a excellent choice at such a young age. You’re brother sounds very wise! I wish you all the best, my dude! :)
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