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  1. Yusk20

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    i am just fed up doing this mastubation thing evryday i am trying to get rid of this habit i started when i was just 14 now i am 21 and because of this i just feel very depressed because i dont want to do this while this feeling i feel something has possesed me and after doing the act i feel relaxed and guilty and i regret the whole thing
    I just need someto please help me to get rid of this habit of masturbation
    I am trying hard but after 5 6 day it relapses and then the same thing happen but before i used to do every fucking day now that have changed to after every 6 7 days
    I just want to get rid of this addiction please someone helpme ...help..!
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  2. Welcome to the community.
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  3. SirErnest

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    Read, try, and slowly change. It's good that you are here.
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  4. blueloser

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    Hey, so you've improved because you aren't doing it as much as you used to be.

    My general advice would be to:
    Keep yourself busy,
    Try not to be alone as much,
    Don't touch yourself below the waist,
    Do more exercise/meditation,
    Find your own way of de-stressing.

    Be strong - you have to force yourself not to do it
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  5. Yusk20

    Yusk20 New Fapstronaut

    Thanks alot

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