Kamasutra and female sexuality

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Black ∆ Fang, Mar 19, 2020.

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    Hey guys, a great morning to all of you.
    So I've been clean for 26 days and besides attaining knowledge on history and human psychology, I'm also reading about the Kamasutra and about female sexuality. I'm very interested in knowing that since women's arousal is different from that men's.
    That been said, I've a very strong visualisation power and my friend becomes painfully hard and erect whenever I read such stuff.

    Do you consider it a relapse? Though it may sound like I'm reading sexual stuff as an excuse but it is way better than reading sex Stories. Plus I'm gathering knowledge about stuff women complain constantly why most of the men are bad in bed.
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  2. depends on your intention, doesn't it? and the way you interpret and process the content of the reading within your mind.

    can you summarize in a paragraph all that you learned in a meaningful way? can you provide any enlightenment on the topic without going into the trigger warning territory? try paraphrasing and see how your mind computes the memory into a presentation for the purpose of teaching what you learned to an audience. if you have a lot of difficulty even producing one or two sentences that contain coherent knowledge then you were not paying attention to the wisdom but consuming the shallow details for mental masturbation.

    this is all speculation on my part. i think that it's important not to demonize arousal in itself, but to carefully analyze the mechanism that got us there.
  3. Not a relapse but I would not recommend it as it triggers you. You should focus on rebooting. One day you can safely read that stuff but give your reboot some more time first.
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  4. Black ∆ Fang

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    If I really have to summarize it, it would not be as informative as compared to going explicit about the details. Since everyone knows what to do like slow make out and all(you know the rest) but it's pretty superficial.
    What we know is it's WHAT but we don't know it's HOW. And for that you really need to dive in deeper into the subject.

    Though I can recommend you some books I've read, it might help you gain deeper Knowledge about sexuality.
    ° She comes First.
    °Secrets of female sexuality
    ° David Shade's Masterful lovers(currently reading it)
    °The G-Spot and other...(can't remember it's full name but it goes like this, David Shade's recommendation)
    ° And the infamous Kamasutra.

    Rest I can definitely tell you that I'm out of addiction. Whenever I feel the urge, it's always about making love to a REAL woman and not jacking off to a screen.

    Your views?
  5. Black ∆ Fang

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    I think I've rebooted successfully. And I don't feel the urge to fap but to have sex with a real women. I believe this is a positive sign.
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    I bought a copy during my last long term relationship a few years ago. Like most people when I opened it I expected it to be filled with hundreds of mind-blowing sexual secrets. Unforuntately (or maybe fortunately) that isn't the case.

    It turns out Kama means something like 'pleasure' in a very general sense in Sanskrit. The sages who wrote the book believed that Kama (pleasure) was an important part of a life that is ultimately fulfilling. A fulfilled life ultimately end in moksha (liberation).

    The book covers a lot of different areas like foreplay, flirtation, finding joy in the spontaneous and building emotional intimacy. I found the English translation to be a little over-wrought in terms of its heavy stylization.

    At the time I was really just hoping it would teach me how to pipe my gf so good that it would help us overcome the fact that we were emotionally incompatible. It didn't. But now that I think about it, there was probably a lot of more valuable lessons I could have learned from it.

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