Karezza, ejaculated but no orgasm

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  1. Moon Shard

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    So it’s about day 21 in my partners NoFap journey. He is doing no PMO mode. We have been doing karezza for a few days but my partner thinks that he ejaculated a little by accident earlier, but didn’t orgasm. Is ejaculation a relapse for him? He’s been in flatline and he feels like he is still flatlining, so I don’t think that it affected his rebooting in my opinion. But I’m confused on whether or not ejaculation violates the O in no PMO. Can that ejaculation actually set him back or interfere with his reboot? Should he reset his counter? Thank you
  2. Suk

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    Well you guys were rebooting so it's not that bad as he didn't watch porn, it was the real experience. If he ejaculated, it's a reset...as that will give a huge shot of dopamine and that's something he has to completely avoid for a long time depending on how fast he recovers.
    I'd suggest waiting sometime before doing karezza. Although if he has PIED i would recommend doing hardmode for at least a month before any sexual activities.
  3. ctrl urself

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    It’s definitely part of the learning curve. It’s very hard not to lose a little when with a woman. In terms of being on pure hard mode, it would be a counter reset.. but what’s more important to your overall goals? To your relationship? If it’s greater connection, more presence on his part by eliminating porn, his development as a man.. my opinion is that it’s not putting him back too far. If you’re working together with this, then a shared victory at the end can only bring you closer
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    I have no clue what karezza is,but if he ejaculated by accident,without purpose it should not be relapse or reset,my opinion.It's his what decision he going to make.He should avoid ejaculation that is not good,but things and triggers that happens by accident and without purpose should not be counted as relapse.Because we can't predict what is going to happen,but we can control ourselves.
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  5. Nicko Stretch

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    I have experienced ejaculating a little bit without orgasm.It did not effect me in the same way normal ejaculation did so i didn't count it. Sounds like he needs to go slower with the karreza.

    ELITE2BE Fapstronaut

    A counter is just a number, it is by no means an indicator of anything, not even recovery. So whether reset or left be, in the grand scheme of things, that counter changes nothing. What you should really look into is the progress he has made thus far, and if it is an upward trend; just do more of the same. However, despite being very normal, especially to someone who is new to semen retention, some tweaking, I reckon, is required to mitigate the effects of such emissions and speed-up recovery.

    Best of luck.
  7. Jnuts

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    Likely a ruined orgasm. In my experience there is a whole spectrum that belongs to the ruined orgasm. Anywhere from losing no desire whatsoever to it might as well have been an orgasm. Regardless, don’t let him take it to hard.
  8. Mr. Catwalk Runway

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    At least you're trying?

    I saw someone on here, a user's wife, call that a happy little accident when her husband failed at Karezza. How happy if there was no orgasm for your husband though? Better if he had an orgasm without ejaculating! Mantak Chia.

    For some it might take practice I guess.
  9. Mr. Catwalk Runway

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    Lol never heard of that before but sounds about right.
  10. Mr. Catwalk Runway

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    I guess if you love him I hope your orgasms are his priority but Karezza isn't about orgasm.

    Taoist sex can tell you how to have one without ejaculating.

    Wish you two the best.
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