Karezza is the monk mode of semen retention

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  1. I was wondering, what is the difference of these different approaches of ultimate abstinence? Sure, for most guys orgasm and ejaculation always come together. But, as we know, it's possible to learn to have only orgasm without the ejaculation. For someone who practices semen retention as a lifestyle (as distinguished from the hard mode reboot which is practiced for a limited period of time to reboot an addicted brain), for someone who says 'semen is life force and when I lose semen I lose life force', the ability to reach an orgasm without ejaculating can make a big difference for his sex life IMHO.

    Now karezza say this: the male ejaculation isn't the problem. It's the orgasm who drains you out of your energy, destroys your mood, your spirit and harms every intimate relationship. (Correct me, if I'm wrong).
    So what works for a male semen retentior - O without E - wouldn't be allowed in "karezza mode".

    For every guy who hasn't yet found the Challenge hard enough for him: karezza is the monk mode of semen retention. ;)
  2. Alex King

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    I think it is the other way around. Orgasm is allowed, but ejaculation is not.
    You control ejaculation, but expereince orgasm. Even multiple orgasms.
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    You still burn jing/ojas every moment you are aroused and karezza exposes you to nudity which sticks in your subconsciouss...or rather it calls stuff from inside it that you may be trying to run away from. Honestly, if you ever had a porn addiction or any kind of lack of control over sexuality why do you think you can resist Karezza like you are immune to it, haha!

    Yes males can have non ejaculatory as well as whole body multiple orgasms like females. It takes control. Something abouth healthy strong muscles and perfectly controlled down there, knowing how to use them liike when to tense when to relax which parts, knowing how to use the body like how to use light smooth touch and breath to arouse energy in other parts of the body. There's lots of books/pdfs I've seen about the topic over they years. Haven't really read any of them though, merely skimmed. I know a friend/person or two who says they can separate orgasm from ejaculation...as in control it.
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  4. Jake n Bake

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    I have learned multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms and they are a great blessing in my marriage. It took a lot of time and effort to finally get here.
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    I think I've had that experience of orgasm without ejac. It lasts forever though, and you can get really deep into it. I feel like I did get to understand a part of me that I didnt know existed before. But I noticed, either way I would experience those heightened state because if you just keep up with seminal retention, the energy reaches the orgasmic state naturally. Like when I was doing Karezza, even peeing became an orgasm, I'm not talking about just feeling good, I'm talking like full out weak in the knees good. But I've experienced states like that from my first few streaks without karezza. I think it just takes some time. Also Karezza developes alot of heat in the body, I dont think thats really good. especially for hairloss...but hey if you wnt to experience something a little beyond yourself, it might be worth trying, because I understand that it's definitely there. Just how to achieve it...
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    [QUOTE = "Jake n Bake, post: 2313268, membro: 324585"] Ho imparato più orgasmi non eiaculatori e sono una grande benedizione nel mio matrimonio. Ci sono voluti un sacco di tempo e fatica per arrivare finalmente qui. [/ PREVENTIVO]
    how did you do?

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